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Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the Monday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about his impressions of Leif Erikson day which takes place in Pennsylvania every year. Keystone United were there along with Steve Smith who has been on the show before, after he won a local election through campaigning in his local community despite a large amount of negative media coverage.

The gathering was a celebration of the White Viking hero who sailed to America and was a big contrast from anything Jason was used to, as in New York people would assume it was going to be malicious, since it was exclusively White. It reminded him that Nationalism has moved away from being reactionary in the last decade towards a more family focused environment that is more about community building. It was still very individualistic back then, but as the activists starting having kids, they started to think more about what sort of world we are creating for our children.

Young people today are really disconnected from their heritage, they are told they should feel guilty for it and are not used to celebrating it. This is unnatural as we should be living within our own tribe, with people we know we can trust and count on to turn to when we need help. We are used to hearing the Left talk about community organisers, but we don’t often hear much about it on the right and we certainly don’t have any official ones like the Blacks have.

We need to take our struggle seriously as we are the only ones speaking up for our people, nobody else is doing it. We are actively under attack in the White working class areas and people like Bernie Sanders who claims to represent the working class constantly accuse us of being privileged. To see what is coming for the White man in America you only have to look at the White squatter camps in South Africa. There is no point where the other races will say enough is enough and speak up for us, they will just keep going until they have driven us from our territory entirely, as they have done in Rhodesia. They even say the only way to get rid of racism is to get rid of Whites.

Jason grew up in a deprived area and under the class theory of the Left, he should have been helped by the Dominicans around him, but they despised him because he was White and solidarity with his class status never even came into it. They had been brought up on the anti-White hatred on the tv and in school and any Whites who have to live in the poorer areas alongside the diversity have to put up with the same.

Every other ethnic community is organised and know that they are a people, it is only Whites who fail to understand this and capitalize on it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus


The day was cold, cloudy and wet but spirits were high as members and supporters of Keystone United gathered this past weekend for the 10th annual Leif Erikson Day Celebration!

The day started at a beautiful park in Philadelphia,Pa as people from far and near gathered in celebration of our history, heritage and the journey of Leif Erikson. The entire afternoon was filled with great traditional food and comradery.

As the sun broke through the clouds, we gathered around to listen to the first speech by Frank Marlowe, followed by a speech from Matt Heimbach – both of the Traditionalist Workers Party. Following the speech was a small acoustic performance by Activist.


As the event came to an end, all attendees gathered at Boathouse Row and we began our march with flags and banners to the statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni, a great Icelandic explorer, on Kelly Drive. Matt Heimbach concluded the event with a small speech.


Keystone United would like to thank everybody who attended the event and for all their continued support!Thank you all!

-Ryan Wojtowicz


                It started off as a sunny day nearing about 89° and humid, but this did not stop the 100 or so people from coming out to spend the day with us. This year’s 15th Annual Keystone United Barbecue was like no other. This year was about coming together with KU families, friends, supporters, and their friends and families to raise awareness for childhood cancer. More importantly to raise funds to help the family of baby Ava who is just over a year old, holding on to her life after being diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.

            The day started out with children running amongst us as they played in the pool, flew kites and worked at the arts & craft table while Keystone United members set up tables, filled the coolers, and prepared for the festivities to begin. As the afternoon progressed, people started showing up, the music began to play, and the food lined the tables. There was mingling and conversations everywhere both old friends along with new faces. Over to the one side was a tent with both a male and female basket being raffled off along with a 50/50 raffle. There was not a minute that went by where that tent was empty. People just eager to donate some who gave without taking the raffle tickets and just donated to donate.

            As the afternoon rolled on and the early evening approached the live music began. Many sang along to songs that were played as they stood arm and arm around the mic. You can feel the heartwarming closeness amongst everyone in attendance; like a big extended family including some from all across the US. Before dark the music came to an end followed by a short speech by Matthew Heimbach than the raffles where called. First the male basket, then the female basket followed by the 50/50 raffle. The winner of the 50/50 raffle decided that it was more important to donate the money he just had won back to the cancer fund. In all there was $860 raised to be donated to the family of baby Ava.      

Keystone United would like to extend our appreciation for all our members & supporters, without all of your love and support we wouldn’t have been able to call this day a success.

Looking forward to next year!


On February 13th, 2016, the party cadre of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party co-hosted an energetic encounter with the leaders of the community organization, Keystone United, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This conference was a historical development within the racial advocacy and third positionist movement for one stark reason: the approximately sixty individuals in attendance came from all walks of life, and all were liberated from superfluous contradictions, snobbery, or subcultural hangups. Some wore suits, others preferred bomber jackets. A few speakers had Ph.Ds, but many work with their hands–equally valuable in their insight.

Respected elders and movement veterans shared their wisdom, but the young average age of attendees inspired them to keep the faith. Quirky computer nerds found full coherence with well-adjusted family men (a few with a penchant for power lifting). Artists exchanged ideas with writers on ways to synthesize their gifts and create unstoppable propaganda. Zionist-outlawed rebellious musicians found kinship with religious leaders in their shared racially-motivated persecution. There was even a bake sale!

The ugly classism that is pervasive within more conservative elements in our patriotic movement was smashed here. Those who came with economic burdens were not treated with shaming, but instead to love and solidarity, the values both TWP and KU share above all. There were no pretentious $200 “catering fees”, because a pint of Guinness and stimulating conversation is all the nourishment a truly dedicated Political Soldier needs.

The genuine diversity at this event was enlightening, it was the kind of diversity that accurately represents the population at large, and shows just how our ideology is permeating against all the odds in our society from top to bottom. Regardless of our differences, we all had the most important thing in common: We’re going to awaken the sleeping Occidental Giant, and no one is going to tell us what to do!

The subjects of conversation ranged from the big picture problem of the criminally ignored plight of America’s rural “white privileged” poor and the havoc the global capitalist de-industrialization project is wreaking throughout our heartland.  Immediate questions also sparked important conversation, such as how we can pool our talents and resources to raise money to fight back against the horrifying and malicious indifference of the genocidal African National Congress towards South African white peasants currently being decimated by drought.

To the elitist fools that look down on blue collar whites: these are the people with heart that’ll fight and die for you, and you should be ashamed if you don’t feel the same.

To those who pigeonhole themselves with Hollywood expressions of racial politics: that nerd who you’re tempted to give a wedgie to may just have the technological skills to create a serious movement capable of addressing the problems effecting all of us.

To those who attended the event last Saturday: Let us continue building the new archetypical man, capable of bringing our race to the light. This new man both sharpens his mind and strengthens his body, and spits in the face of the frivolous materialism of our age.


-Eric Striker