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We found it humorous that they failed to mention that the stickers read No Drugs On Our streets. We can only assume it doesn’t fit into their narrative.

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“Ku Klux Klan recruiting in Northeast Pennsylvania”, KKK distributes fliers in W-B in effort to boost membership. These are just a few of the headlines from our locals papers here in the Wilkes-Barre\Scranton area.

    First and foremost, I want to make it clear that Keystone United is not associated with any Klan groups. For years we’ve been very vocal on what we consider outdated and counter productive groups. With that being said, it is obvious that there are active Klan members in this area, they call themselves the East Coast Knights of the true Invisible Empire – and they’ve caused quite an uproar in the area.

    Since it is now clear that there is an active Klan organization in the area many different things have been going on some good, some not so good. For example, the local chapter of the NAACP held a march in response to the fliers, there was a candle light vigil to “send a message to the KKK”, and even the local paper has been accused of promoting the Klan by making the story front page. But the one positive thing that all this has done is bring up the issue of race. From reading through all the comments that residents have posted on the news articles and social media it’s becoming more and more clear that people are getting sick and tired of watching our once quiet and safe neighborhoods turn into violent cesspools. People are starting to see through the lies – they are witnessing first hand the ugly reality and dangers of forced multiculturalism and are starting to speak out

    And than…there is the other side. On a Sunday evening, November 1, Chris Concert, the mayor of the small and predominantly white town of Swoyersville, held a candle light vigil in response to Klan fliers being found throughout the town. Myself and two other pro-white activists attended the event to see what it was about, and it didn’t take long to realize that the “vigil” was more like a white guilt fest, considering 99% of the attendees were white. A handful of people gave speeches talking about racism and the Klan and how we should all get along and embrace “diversity”. Again I want to point out that Swoyersville is mostly white, (As of 2010 the white population of Swoyerville was 97.6%) I would like to see all these residents of Swoyersville who speak of “diversity” and “racial harmony” to leave their nice white safe town of Swoyersville and move just across the river to crime ridden multicultural city of Wilkes-Barre – and then see how their opinions change. After the event we were approached by news reporters who wanted our opinion on the event since they noticed us standing away and just observing the event. We expressed that we thought Mr. Concert and the residents of Swoyersville were being dramatic and over reacted to the Klan fliers, and instead of worrying about members of the Klan distributing fliers of non-violent nature at nighttime – they should be concerned about the gangs and violence in Wilkes-Barre and focus on keeping their small white town safe and gang free.

    We don’t agree with the Klans ways, but the Klan being here just goes to show that people are getting mad..and people have the right to get mad. We’re all mad. But there are other ways of making a difference than to joining the Klan. You don’t have to be involved with any Pro-white organization to be active in your community and the racial cause, but if you do decide to become part of a pro-white group, i would urge you to get involved with one that is active, productive and not running around in costumes. Time is of the essence, words can’t even express the importance of this fight. It’s a fight we can’t afford to lose. So take the anger and channel it and do something good and something positive with it. Get involved with your community, stand up for your people, be a stick in the enemies wheel and help bring their agenda to a dead stop. With everyday that goes by we get closer to the point of no return, so get involved and rise up. This is a fight for survival. For your children…for our people…we must make the future ours!

-Ryan Wojtowicz

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Small “Grassroots” efforts such as this go a long way!!

The South Africa Project

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Activism
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“The South Africa Project is a coalition of concerned citizens who take issue over the total media blackout, as well as the lack of attention and intervention from the world super powers, concerning the MURDER, the TORTURE and the GENOCIDE of the White South African. These vicious, unjust and barbaric ATROCITIES must stop now.”

“Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully set in motion a domino affect, that if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites in South Africa and around the world.

We know, by looking at the political climate in the Americas and the European nations, that if the GENOCIDE of our Race is permitted to continue in South Africa, then it will only be a matter of time before it reaches European and American shores on the same scale.

As was previously stated, the South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White South African. They must learn that we mean business and that we will not be dissuaded from this issue, or our task.”

For more info on on the South Africa Project and how to get involved, visit