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A short video clip of peoples reaction on Pennsylvania having the 5th most “Hate” groups in the US.

The full interview by Centre County Report on our very own Ryan Wojtowicz.


         “Who would do jobs immigrants are doing”? Better yet, why are working class Americans being abandoned in the first place? Now ask yourself who’s most affected and where opportunities are more so scarce? From a population standpoint, sure urban areas lack opportunity yet polar opposite issues are why both Urban and Rural communities struggle economically! Links comparing subsidies allocated for each area are below to better understand the complete disregard federal government has for Rural Americans!                    

            ZERO accountability for crime in general has pushed  businesses away from Black and Latino communities, NOT economic stagnation! Rioting, murder and drugs……seems adequate reason for companies to abandon inner cities! So where does 50+ billion dollars in government funding go for “ urban revitalization” in Democratic controlled district’s? Decades of corruption among liberal politicians has led to the squandering of billions on minority owned businesses destined for failure and free housing to refugees who despise not embrace America while working class America receives a mere fraction for infrastructure essential to daily life! Insurmountable taxation, forced compliance of ridiculous regulations and Federally backed industry in Agriculture to Manufacturing, with endless supplies of both money and resources, makes competing impossible! Intentional dissection of White America, fueled by greed and pure hated for Europeans, has destroyed COUNTLESS Rural family businesses over the last century benefiting global elite interests. NOT HARD WORKING AMERICANS!

            Let’s examine a small section of history, 1912 in particular! AMERICA, zero income tax, very little national debt and INDIVIDUAL innovation THRIVING, leading the industrial revolution! While Americans enjoy the freedoms to pursue individual success without government encroachment, newly elected Woodrow Wilson, enacts! Thomas Jefferson in 1809 said it best in regards to privatizing our nation’s banking system. . USURY  is non-existent when peace and prosperity flourish. For globalist, who hold allegiance only to their own wealth, infect healthy economies with propaganda, class/racial division and war mongering. These vile components in usury is what led to “the war to end all wars” WWI. Conflict has always been the ultimate equalizer for spineless, feeble globalist to profit without sacrifice of their own. Mass hysteria leads to fear. Fear creates “fight or flight”. Natural instincts in turn, call out to the most capable in defense of all that one loves! Such sacrifice opens up opportunity for an unopposed takeover by otherwise worthless scum! Human emotion, to block complex thought and the ability to reason using fear as diversion, has been applied repeatedly by globalist to impose their will on unsuspecting nations. Rothschild, Rockefeller and Oppenheimer families, through both mass media and international banking continue to spew their poison, so all that is obtainable, benefits them alone!. Infiltrating government and financial institutions is what globalist do best. Introduction and enforcement of laws aimed specifically at businesses owned by White Americans has and always will be their agenda! Once achieved, casually wait to offer “financial assistance” to now desperate, broken families, fighting to save the very essence of their legacy generations in the making. Knowing HONOR, unfamiliar with USURY, working class Americans then borrow from the very competition who will at ANY expense, make sure obligations to such debt, will never be met.

                  So where does that leave us? What options do we have you ask? This scenario plaguing family after family, community after community knows no end! Loosening the grips of globalization will take time no doubt! Few easy steps to contribute in seeing our goal of true SOVEREIGNTY achieved; 1: Limit debt of ANY KIND try the barter system if possible  2: Buy precious metals there’s a reason the Gold Standard is so frightening to globalist 3: Learn a trade or craft to lessen reliance on big business ;  gardening, metal work, woodworking etc…. 4: take advantage of your local farmers market 5: spend your money wisely locally-owned businesses even though may cost more will strengthen and keep YOUR money within YOUR COMMUNITY. 6: know our true enemy falling for Racial Division to conquer all, must stop for ALL focus to be aimed at the true enemy  Globalization must stop for any nation to fully obtain SOVEREIGNTY!

-Pat rogers




How does one with ANY common sense at all, legitimize purpose or reason, as to why the Caucus of Working Educators, a teachers union in Philadelphia, is calling for demonstrations of solidarity for Black lives matter?!Welcome to the Twilight zone, more commonly referred to as Liberalism! Where tolerance and acceptance for all is the motto… long as Europeans are vehemently excluded!!

Violent, exclusive groups such as Black lives matter,who’ve committed countless egregious acts against innocent Americans, should NEVER, under any celebratory circumstance and by anyone, be condoned! So hearing this happening in our schools, you’d assume public concern AT MINIMUM, if not complete and utter disgust be permeating among the masses! Holding ALL who do so accountable in every way imaginable. After all, conservative activists who attend and or promote comparable demonstrations are immediately reprimanded! Making this situation more alarming, individuals entrusted with helping to guide our children towards success and civic responsibility, NOT THE PROMOTION OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, are the very people doing so!! Perhaps these liberal teacher’s see positivity in murder, looting, riots and complete disregard for law enforcement over accountability, success and overall respect! BLM members do fit the lefts “EXCLUSIVE”criteria for celebration ,ANTI-WHITE. JACKPOT! One would assume this to be an isolated incident. However in recent months we’ve seen teacher after teacher exhibit careless behavior. From violent protests in Sacramento leaving 9 severely injured, dozens arrested and unprovoked property damage by Communist criminals to a mock assassination of President Trump with the “educator” yelling Die, Die, Die while pulling the trigger of a squirt gun as students watched the 45th Presidential Inauguration. I’m 100% for our Constitutional right of free speech however impeding others of doing the same, goes against that very principle! To what end will liberals use the 1st amendment to justify their violence towards those who hold a difference of opinion?

Commonalities between these teachers, other then mental instabilities and liberal ideology seems ridiculous for someone to jeopardize their career. So why the hostility? Dig deeper and a more sinister end game is lurking! This Marxist behavior, boundless to no end is ANTI-WHITE in EVERYWAY!! If a public consensus was held today on what the American educationally system should focus its efforts on, this would NOT be it! INCLUSION to appease foreign interests , is causing European society to implode under the immense pressure of ethnic diversity and by design,detrimental to all Europeans. Political correctness at its finest! Would we expect anything other than such an outcome? Marxist disguised as educators left to task, what could possibly go wrong? Look how well it worked for Russia and China? 100 million dead! Sure why not!?? Complete INSANITY!

For well over a century now, Europeans, in our OWN nations, have relentlessly been molded into the Oppressors of all humanity when in reality, we’re extremely hospitable!This complete fictitious claim, subliminally introduced to impressionable white youth’s throughout our educational systems, has worked quite efficiently. Ethnically DIEverse utopias are now effortlessly deconstructing WHITE nations with little resistance! Once culturally proud homogeneous countries, whom without pause for concern, could celebrate their heritage, now find that doing so, is offensive and even considered “racist”..…a Marxist term! This plethora of foreign ethnicities from across the Globe wanting their chance for a better life, has overwhelmed our nations!American and European schools alike, have slowly “conditioned” OUR children, to sympathize with all others while excluding our own under such falsehoods! With that said, the agenda of liberalism is crystal clear! Whether Marxist, Globalist, Liberal or Zionist, while the name will continually change, their “goal” has remained steadfast!

Cattle die, Kindred die, every man is mortal but I know one thing that never dies, the glory of the great dead! For Faith, Family, Folk we must never be silent!

-Pat Rogers




It is almost hard to fathom the level of depravity and utter senselessness and inhumanity of what recently occurred in Chicago. Perhaps harder to fathom is the lackluster response from a supposed “civil” American society who paid witness to the sheer brutality of what happened, thanks to unfiltered social media. One would expect a healthy social collective to have a root core of humanity, compassion, and ethic that would trigger an eruption of righteous indignation. We should be so united and impassioned that the full weight of justice would have been, brought to bear on the vermin with swift, fell wings to such an extent that a clear, undeniable message would be set: this level of revolting behavior would not only be deemed wholly intolerable, but would be punished to such an extent that one wouldn’t even consider repeating or copying the offense. But this wasn’t what has happened or is happening at the time of this writing.
 There’s plenty of angry and frowny emojis floating around Facebook, and even plenty of ranting -complacent, proverbial “preaching to the choir” on social media…. but there is no real uprising among the populace- and I’m not talking about a taking up of arms….rather, there is no one taking to the streets in protest, there are no serious calls for justice among political leaders or in the media. Instead, we see even the Chicago police trying to downplay the event as something “stupid” done by rashly thinking “kids”. The talking heads insist it’s not a hate crime that took place, but something no more significant than a tasteless prank pulled off by misguided youths. We are even seeing so-called “experts” of social sciences pointing to each and every lame excuse other than simple self-determined, self-willed responsibility: it’s the “hip hop culture”, it’s the music, no fathers in the house, etc., etc., etc…. the three latter points certainly do have legitimacy in the wider picture of what is at the foundation of a sick society. But, when does the individual’s moral compass kick in? Lacking that, when does one simply have to make a deliberate and clear choice to act in a particular way, and accept the consequences of the action one sets into motion? When do we stop making excuses?
We cannot expect the media to counter the established narrative, to risk any contradiction to the Marxist agenda that is still in play- as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we cannot expect the globalists to simply lay their agenda aside, now that the populist movement within the US has finally succeeded in disrupting their order with the recent election. While it is easy to be dismissive of the misinformation machine, we really must make our voices heard, we really must shout louder than the ranting of the talking heads and actively counter the bewildering flood of excuses and downplayed scripts. Why? Because the better part of our fellow citizens are still lemmings after all, and while they may not trust the media, they still absorb the messages it regurgitates. The populace will still absorb the poison and will remain complacent or even desensitized to the matter at hand, and the bigger picture it represents. After all, if you tell a lie long enough………..
There is plenty that could be said about the obvious. I’m not going to waste my time (nor yours) in addressing that. There’s a countless array of sources to which the discerning reader can turn for all manner of the common opinions floating about. And really, this is a situation that can take pages upon pages to explore in any minimal attempt to gain understanding…where does one even begin? I urge you to not only be informed but to inform- don’t just preach to your friends and others of like mind. We live in an age of on-the-go information. Use the channels at your disposal to actively raise your voice wherever you have a chance to be heard (or read) and push the issue. We must have nothing short of true justice. Justice begins among the informed.
-Georg Hesser


 Appalachia, one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, well known hiking trails and tight knit communities scatter these breathtaking mountain ranges stretching from Maine to Georgia, one would be hard pressed to find any downside living here. What is rarely known by outsiders, is 23 million residents who call the Appalachian mountain region home, is the deliberate, premeditated attack from Big Pharmaceutical companies, with Perdue topping the infamous list. Misinformation and over prescribing of opiates, has lead to one of America’s largest drug epidemics in U.S history.

       So why the contrast of coverage in comparison to the Heroin epidemic of the 70’s or rampant Crack cocaine usage soaring throughout the 80’s? Most educated individuals might conclude in haste, disproportionate populations between Urban and Rural areas is the reason. After all why should such a small number of people require much attention?! What seems quite apparent, is that no matter the cost, liberals can’t afford to ruin ridiculous narratives that protects their entire ideology! Deplorable living conditions, extreme poverty, lack of education and medical treatment, Liberals should be foaming at the mouth to expose such atrocities! So what’s missing? MINORITIES, homicides and other violent crime the left so foolishly dismiss when such living conditions exist. Hence their conundrum! Appalachia having a 95% White population and little problems in regards to violence seen in Urban areas with comparable situations, liberal talking points are no longer reasonable to anyone with common sense.

      Let’s humor for a brief moment, this lunacy the left uses to excuse their continually lack of empathy for those affected by this epidemic. The 2200 mile long Appalachia region, spanning 13 states, makes up 12% of America’s population yet over 21% of ALL drug overdose deaths in America, are attributed to this region. I suppose their lack of compassion has nothing to do with Appalachia being over 95% White? Huh??…let’s pause for a moment, these statistics seem quite familiar!? After all, America’s Black population is around 12% but unlike Appalachia, make up roughly 50% of all violent crime….so much for excuses Black America! More infuriating is the lack of accountability! Better yet, let’s reward “minority” communities by giving them 10 times the amount of federal aid, housing development and even have hot water…..yes that’s right, hot water. Go to Owsley Kentucky and see how many White children DO NOT! White Liberals are the most twisted and savage people I’ve ever encountered! Not only are they selective with what Social issues to address, they systematically exclude all issues affecting White communities with absolute disgust even contemplating  doing so! Purposely ignoring our Nation’s biggest problem, to punish the most deserving, hard working citizens in America because the don’t fit certain stereotypes, is disgusting even for the Left! Has anyone seen something liberals call White Privilege? I don’t think the great people of Appalachia would know where to find any!!?

      Having 6 of the top 10 impoverished counties in ALL of America and over 20% of Appalachians twice under the National poverty level, they should be committing  crimes at even HALF the rate seen in minority areas according to liberal logic!?. Instead, you see desperate working class people, scratching and clawing for normalcy in their lives! Coal, thriving lumber industry and industrial farming, one would think multi-billion dollar industries are helping. Unfortunately that’s far from the truth! Liberal policy has all but wiped out the Coal industry, corporate greed in the Lumber industry has overwhelmed Appalachian forests to the point of no return and as for farming…..well we all know what happens when the Federal government takes control of ANYTHING.

     So what can be done? Over 300 years ago, our Ancestors from across Europe left everything to inhabit the uninhabitable! Carving out what has often been referred to, as “ the backbone of America”. Regardless of small populations, more Appalachian men, have fought and died protecting our freedoms than ANY other region in our Nation! EVERY war America has ever partaking in, these brave men and women have heeded the call to arms! With little concern for their safety and every care in the world for ALL others well being! Their Patriotism and sacrifice  is unmatched and treatment they’ve received is beyond measure in every way! Their whispers most become our mighty roar so this place and our Folk, are forgotten no longer!






December, a month marked by hustle and bustle as people prepare for the coming holidays, is also the month of the Keystone United Yule Celebration. A time when all folks of good will and like minds get together for fun,camaraderie, and holiday festivities courtesy of Keystone United!

 This years event was well attended,not only by family and friends of K.U. members,but also folks representing other White Nationalist groups such as B & H/Club 28, MDS, and Label 56.


The décor was beautiful, the food was homemade and delicious and the DJ kept everyone moving!

The children in attendance enjoyed themselves immensely, playing games,doing crafts and generally frolicking about. The adults enjoyed good conversation while sharing food and drink,all the time demonstrating the hospitality for which K.U. events are known.Various themed baskets were raffled off,along with a 50/50.Towards the end of the night, each child was given a gift,as befits the season.

 The night ended with the many guests bidding each other farewell, and expressing their anticipation of the next K.U. Event.

We in Keystone United would like to thank everyone that came out to support us!