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  1. Ken J says:

    I was interested in your group and wanted to know if u have a group in greensburg pa

  2. Jon Rambo says:

    Im very interested in your Philly chapter. I just moved to Darby PA and would really like to join a group of people with the beliefs I hold n defend.

  3. Shaun O says:

    I’m interested in your group and want to know if there is any groups in the Johnstown /altoona area

  4. Brandan W says:

    Any groups around Altoona? Been extremely interested in meeting some like minded people myself for a few years now.

  5. Andrew (Uncle Jr) says:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Keystone United we are a small group in warminster pa, called the White Riders. Keep up the good fight! 14/88

  6. Mark Pokotilow says:

    I would like to know how I can purchase white lives matter stickers?

  7. Bobby Muskett says:

    I want to thank your group for standing up against the direction our country is heading towards. I am a blue collar worker in the early years of raising a family with my wife, we have three beautiful girls to protect and raise. I have very “old school” beliefs, I provide for my family, while my wife stays home to raise and home school them. We can’t even trust our government run school systems anymore to raise and educate the next generations of our country without manipulating and skewing our history books and their beliefs. You men are standing for your convictions and this country needs more men. Not the liberal “men” this country is grooming now. Thank you for your service.

  8. nick baker says:

    when is your next event??? i want to get involved!!!!!!

  9. Bill says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am prompted to write by the recent demonstration conducted by your organization this past weekend here in Philadelphia. i would wish to state that I am an American of Negro extraction and wish to share my views of your group.

    The opposition to groups such as Keystone is unfair and inconsistent with purported liberal values. Every group is encouraged to explore and celebrate its history and cultural heritage, with a notable exception: white people. To demonstrate pride in the achievements and contributions of white people is anathema. We hear ad nauseum about the Holocaust, slavery, etc. Do we hear about the hundreds of thousands of white men who bled and died defeating Hitler and fighting to eradicate slavery? Are the myriad contributions of white people in every field of endeavor(science, medicine, architecture, engineering, literature,technology, music, the fine arts, statesmanship, exploration, military science, philanthropy) celebrated?. Every white person should take immense pride in his heritage. Were mistakes made? Yes. However, i defy any person to identify any civilization. that is not guilty of moral lapses.

    Political correctness precludes the denigration or ridicule of any group, with the exception of white men. White men are excoriated in the media and popular culture with impunity. I would recommend the book Racism, Schmaism by my friend James Edwards of the Political Cesspool for an excellent discussion of this phenomenon. I would submit that white men also have feelings.

    i realize that I am unable to affiliate with your group and understandably so. Freedom of association is a sacred right that must be cherished. One can choose to segregate or integrate. Both options must be made available. I just wished to convey that not all people of color are unsympathetic to the concerns and interests of the white community.

    All the best.

  10. Dan says:

    Can someone contact me please

  11. Brian says:

    Trying to find out when the next event or anything is going on in pitsburgh

  12. Lee kerek says:

    Keep up the good work

  13. Chris Geiger says:

    My name is chris Geiger and I’m interested in learning and possible joining your organization. I’m racially conscience and I’m looking to be around like minded individuals I currently live in Pocono lake is there anyone who I can reach out to ?

  14. Bill says:

    Hey I’m 15 and I live near West Mifflin.(don’t want to say where I really live) but I was thinking if there is any ppl near me who I can talk to attend the events.
    Maybe we could make a minor group

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