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    The U.S/Mexico border is questionably the largest open air child sex trafficking market in the world! Tens of thousands of “unaccompanied” children cross every year without biological parents or anyone remotely related to the child. Easily vanishing into an already overwhelmed immigration system. ; these numbers only represent those apprehended by border patrol. Allowing for this to happen is arguably the greatest failure to human rights in modern history! While the Democratic party, who publicly “champion” a message for social justice, would rather create votes for personal gain than protect the innocent.

    How is it that the United States of America, an exemplary beacon to all of humanity, ensure safe spaces to inject heroin yet we fail the thousands of innocent children being used as political pawns? It’s lunacy! Democrats reckless attitude towards the severity of our border crisis has single handedly put countless innocent lives in immediate danger! Relentless propaganda inundated throughout Democratic strongholds, has created this narrative for urgency to a problem non existent until created by the very people screaming for social justice! Liberals fixate on scenarios that examine the “after the fact” ignoring very avoidable suffering created by liberals themselves TO BEGIN WITH! If the Democrats concern were that of human rights issue , then focus would be on security, not sanctuary for those breaking federal law. Democrats unwillingness to protect our southern border is the direct cause and effect for this continual humanitarian crisis. The creation of sanctuary cities is at the very core of why so many face imminent danger. Countless children exposed to the perilous journey stretching miles across unforgiving desert, accompanied by COMPLETE STRANGERS is direct result of Democrats creation of such policies. COMMON SENSE FOLKS! Yet millions blindly support such deranged thinking!

    Liberals drunk on political power have unquestionably shown their lunacy knows no bounds:; as long as it ensures such power remain intact. No sympathy! No compassion! Just endless divisive rhetoric ripping our country apart.

    When morality becomes non existent in those looked upon for guidance, societies CRUMBLE soon there after! History is our greatest teacher. To ignore its warning is the epitome of deranged. Self serving empty vessels acting careless for personal gains have proven time and time again that they destroy and not create. 60 years of Democratic power in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco, Philadelphia….etc. can reaffirm any doubts you may have left.

    Sanctuary laws create circumstances in which environments encapsulated with criminality are created. Children brought not of their own volition is direct reaction to such unconstitutional law and reason for their suffering. More so, those who inexcusably follow these twisted, liberal ideals, must awaken to the nefarious impact their inaction creates. Choosing to enter by ILLEGAL means, reveals one’s true intentions! Intentions that time and again come at the expense of the innocent. Our duty is that of resistance! At every occurrence! Divisiveness, deception and vile LIES spoken from golden painted snake tongue’s can no longer hold our nation hostage!

-Pat Rogers

    Each and every year hundreds of homeless veterans and families in need struggle to battle the wintry chill. The arctic winds have been brutal and unpredictable. Sadly, the frigid temperatures can also be life threatening to elderly and young children. Our local communities were asking for donations to help. Keystone United stepped up to the plate. At our annual Yule gathering in December, we asked everyone to bring a new blanket to be donated to those in need. In addition, we also set up a donation page for those wishing to give money towards the purchase of new blankets. In total we were able to donate 45 brand new blankets and comforters to a local church. The pastor was so overwhelmed when he saw the number of new blankets we were able to collect for donation. He asked us to relay his gratitude to all those involved and assured us our donations would be given to those in need.

   Being able to help those in need is something we take great pride in doing. We, as Americans, must come together to do our part to help ensure those who bravely fought for our freedom are helped in every way possible. That the struggling families with young children who have fallen on difficult times are offered the support and services they may need. The well-being and safety of our community and the future of our children are of the utmost importance.

   Keystone United will continue to be pro-active in the community. Stay strong, stay true.
-Bob Gaus


America, Canada, Western European nations ,and Australia have many great commonalities! Breathtaking architecture, exquisite cuisine, resorts, family attractions millions of “foreigners” flock to and enjoy at their leisure, but most importantly, an over-all welcoming attitude towards those who do indeed visit! Yet these nations in which “non-citizens” are welcomed indefinitely, being of European decent, is enough for media to cast guilt publicly!

Unfortunately, in the “age of technology”, many criminal matters are decided through public opinion without a shred of evidence suggesting actuality of a crime having been committed! Reckless assertions of guilt onto another, are not only inflammatory but illegal under Common law. ! False light laws protect citizens, from individual/s that spread falsehoods detrimental to one’s public image! Otherwise, anyone could sway public opinion with absolute lies . Persuading those in our judicial system of the existence of criminality before legal proceedings even begin!
Does American democracy not hold merit in today’s society? The 6th amendment to the constitution is still relevant correct? For any unfamiliar

Amendment 6 “Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Cases In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor; and to have the assistance of counsel for his” 

So how is it that White Advocates, or anyone for that matter, fall into legal obscurity? Continually allowing for individual privacy to be ignored! Personal associations, no matter the ambiguous nature , are not grounds to slander another! Generic, opinionated narratives are baseless! Therefore, it should merit full accountability to anyone ignoring federal law! One could argue all speech is protected under our 1st amendment!? While this is true, knowingly and the willful spreading of fictitious opinion based gossip with intent being it destroy one’s credibility, goes far beyond such freedom!
Influence misused to ruin financial stability, personal freedom and parental rights, is not only not protected speech but utterly reckless when done so with malicious intent! Simply having what some consider “unpopular” or “hateful” views, should never supersede our Constitution! Yet for White Advocates, this is a daily occurrence! A simple altercation, whether physical or verbal has potential to ruin one’s life! Under the guise of “equality” for minorities, the SPLC has inadvertently become what they so adamantly fight against! How can an organization who consider themselves advocates for equality, blatantly ignore rights for individuals they disagree with? Perhaps billions in financial gain is cause enough?

Character assassination is a constant threat that Nationalists face. Yet rarely do we examine so-called “victims” of such cases. Endless investigations and personal attacks are instantaneous when the accused happens to be a White Advocate and “victim” a non-White. Being guilty be association is a stereotype correct? Stereotypes are vehemently opposed by the left correct? Interesting; It seems as if being a liberal is synonymous with being a hypocrite.

Rush to judgement not only stirs up negative perception of those accused but ignores facts! Do hate crimes occur? Of course! To the surprise of many “outsiders” ,White Advocates in large part, are the first to disassociate from any that are full of ignorance and blind hate! We have families/children, enjoy holidays with loved ones and hit that annoying ass snooze button before work just like everyone else! We differ in ideology , not what is right and what is wrong! Wishing to preserve the accomplishments of our predecessors should never be perceived as divisive! All ethnic cultures should embrace their heritage!

In light of this plethora of facts and laws, we find ourselves portrayed as something polar opposite of truth! Travis Cornell is perfect example of how malicious lies can persuade public opinion! Trustworthy, reliable, honest, caring, intelligent, determined, and passionate are unqualified in comparison to how great a person he truly was! Many that had privilege of knowing him personally are far better for such a privilege. Words are simply that. Taken at face value! Just as bias  should be! Here is the official statement on the incident in question:

Here is one of numerous slanderous articles: Instead of seeing the endearing , loving nature that came effortlessly to him as a father! Unquestionable loyalty to any friend in need. Or intellect all could appreciate. He and others are so quickly demonized?! No man is without flaws. Travis and all others live/d in complete contrast to how they’re portrayed by media. Instead of believing this regurgitation of misinformation at face value, examine everything involved!

Paul Leonard Morris SR. DOB 07/17/1968
Glimpse into this man’s general history and extreme violent tendency is readily apparent. “Carefully planned”. “This revolution will not be televised”. “Thinking about going postal”-Verbatim public statements in direct reference to individuals he so feverishly tried absconding from just weeks prior!? While I’d love nothing more then continue in speculator manner, I’m not the SPLC! I prefer facts
over opinion! With that said, let’s examine Mr. Morris Sr. extensive, well documented criminal past! At your leisure simply click the provided link below and type in any of the case files numbers:

DOCKET number: CP-02-CR-0019019-2009
DOCKET number: CP-02-CR-0006162-2002
DOCKET number: CP-02-CR-0003554-1992
20 years of reoccurring criminal behavior  is a clear, defining pattern not to be ignored! While this alone cannot exonerate any involvement for the accused. It does in fact create substantial reasonable doubt, dissolving any and all present/future criminal proceedings directly and or indirectly associated with the Jackman Inn incident! Any credible psychiatrist would agree undoubtedly!

Public opinion is an extremely powerful tool. The importance of being a well informed individual is beyond measure. “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Thomas Jefferson
When such power is obtainable, it’s not only the responsibility of the individual to be informed but to ensure facts be the deciding factor in our judgement in its finality and satisfactory to our free will alone! Allowing deception of any kind dilute truth is an embarrassment to all who so blindly follow! Whether absolute imminent danger of physical harm or difference in ideology , public opinion should never be the deciding factor in any matter. It is our duty not to the presumed guilty or innocent but to our own integrity in pursuit of truth indefinitely! NEVER TRUST THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM THE DEMISE OF OTHERS !

– Pat Rogers


This is in response to the incident that took place at the Jackman Inn on July 7th in Avalon, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh).

To start off, let’s be clear that violence is against the policy of Keystone United except in cases of self-defense. It is also against our policy to attack anyone on the basis of race verbally with racial slurs.

As most probably have heard by now – A couple Keystone United members are being charged with a fight that broke out in a bar on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. As usual, the left wing media is trying to smear the name of Keystone United and its members by painting the image of KU as a hateful and violent organization. Many media outlets are using typical anti-White groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as sources.
It is also being reported that Keystone United is a Neo-Nazi skinhead group. This couldn’t be further from the truth. KU is a pro-American fraternal organization that advocates on behalf of Whites . For years now, members of KU have been working endlessly to turn the group into what it is today. We strive to lead by example by conducting ourselves in a positive, professional and productive manner. We learned from the mistakes of the past and used those mistakes to better ourselves and to better our cause. Despite what is being thrown into everyone’s face by the left-wing media and anti-white groups – Keystone United is NOT a hate group. We don’t live our daily lives with  hatred as the media would like you to believe. Hate will never get us anywhere – we do what we do out of love and total commitment to our folk, heritage and identity.

As far as the allegations in the Avalon case against some KU members go – remember, there are always two sides of a story. Not everything is like it seems. The fight had absolutely nothing to do with race nor were any racial slurs used. Unfortunately, we can not go into too much detail due to legal issues, but Keystone United is standing behind our members who are being charged with these ridiculous charges. Our members did exactly what any other person would do – they defended themselves and each other. With that being said, there are supposed “witnesses” who are standing behind the so called “victim” (who was a regular at the bar), but it’s easy to find witnesses when you know the majority of people in the bar. (it should also be noted that there were multiple people on BOTH sides involved with the fight regardless of what the media and “witnesses” state)

Our members are being charged with these outrageous charges only because of who they are and because of what they are involved with. Nothing in this incident was because of racial views – it only turned into something racial when the aggressor used the race card and played victim.

Thank you.

On June 29, 2008 in Wilkes-Barre, PA , Keystone United (KU)  publicly confronted the NAACP at a so-called “anti-hate” summit. This event was a turning point for KU in which we evolved from a social club into a viable activist organization advocating for the interests of Whites .

Several months prior to this event , KU members and supporters engaged in activism which included posting fliers and banners all around Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas. This activity caught the attention of local media that predictably distorted the message of KU and labeled it as “racism” and “hate”.  Unlike a lot of  pro-White groups that do literature distribution that receive media attention, Keystone United did not hide in the shadows and fought back publicly against the false narrative set forth by the media and their Cultural Marxist lackeys.

Keystone United’s spokesman Steve Smith verbally destroyed a panel of these Cultural Marxists on the local CBS TV station in April 2008 as you can see below:


In response to KU’s activism , the Wilke-Barre NAACP President Ron Felton called for the aforementioned  “anti-hate” summit. Steve Smith told the local media that he would like to speak at the summit, but the cowardly Felton sheepishly declined. Since it was a free public  event , well over 25 members and supporters of Keystone United showed up and confronted the NAACP anyway.  Unlike Antifa, the KU contingent believes in freedom of speech and didn’t disrupt the event with inane chants and violence. Instead we waited until the Q&A session  to verbally dissect their anti-White rhetoric.

In the marketplace of ideas,  White Advocacy will win every time which is why our political opponents must revert to ad hominem attacks and attempts to shut us down.

Present day America looks like something out of the Twilight Zone. KIDS protesting and marching through our streets advocating for individual freedoms to be taken away – freedoms that were fearlessly fought and bled for! Insurmountable odds were brazenly challenged and overcome! Our forefathers DID NOT obtain absolute freedom, for those IGNORANT of America’s history, undermine its foundation! Have we failed America’s newest generation? Through our transition from adolescence to adulthood have we prepared against unforeseen dangers lurking to undermine our freedom? Knowledge unwittingly taken for granted has all but been forgotten! 242 years ago our predecessors also faced adversity, so we too shall adapt and overcome!

ZERO tolerance for abstract thought, individuality shunned, an educational system which promotes exclusivity instead of individual expression/growth and political correctness has all but eviscerated discussion between those on opposite sides of issues! While we gossip and fight amongst ourselves , parasitic Globalists pray on both the young and weak-minded alike. For those who promote such reckless behaviors to better control the majority believe that nationalism of any kind, whether here in America or elsewhere, must be stifled out! Suppressing critical thought at an early age is essential for globalism to thrive! Doing so creates an obedient mind unable to question its “puppeteer”.

Expressing one’s self has always been of the utmost importance for a civilized society’s progression. Sharing of ideas along with admitting one’s own faults for the communal betterment is how a successful nation works for “We the People”! Civic responsibility should always supersede selfish aspirations. If not, we will always fall victim to Globalist usury.

Things are not complicated for Nationalism to succeed. Not everything needs to be examined or critiqued. Life happens, nobody is infallible. This creates nothing but chaos and emotional clutter, distracting us from our true purpose – absolute freedom! We already face enough negative publicity! Anyone politically active long enough knows to what extent and how exhausting it is to handle. Constant calls to employers, defaming news articles affecting public image and federal harassment are constant threats. That alone is why our societal impact is a mere fraction of its true potential, both socially and politically! Strength comes from unity! The perceived weakness of ANY KIND helps to only undermine us entirely, making the above mentioned threats reason average citizens stay at a distance! Risk MUST come with a reward! If nationalism is to grow exponentially in America UNQUESTIONABLE loyalty is the perception WE MUST CONVEY to the public and FOLLOW through with – NOT betrayal. EVERY club/organization has an expiration date – there is NO exception! Our ideology is what makes us timeless! Separate goals for ALL respective organizations can be met without disrupting the integrity of a collective nationalist movement. By no means should we on an individual basis stop striving for greatness. Continually raising our standards is what molds an impenetrable force! Forging the collective with individuality has always been what keeps Nationalism stagnant! Realizing that personal accomplishments get us only so far, will not only humble individual egos but reaffirm our overall objective.

Personal attacks create nothing but turmoil that divides us into smaller more manageable groups, ultimately, undermining our MESSAGE! We can NEVER allow outside influence to cloud the good judgment of one’s overall character. If we collectively cannot overcome small indifference within, how are we to grow endlessly? Do you bench 450lbs? Great! Where does that get us in 50 – 100 years? Being there at one’s lowest point in life, to help pick them back up, is what matters most!

Fellow nationalists find themselves in the crosshairs of adversity daily. In NO way should ANY individual EVER PUBLICLY condemn the actions of those who jeopardize EVERYTHING EVERY DAY! KEEP IT IN HOUSE! Gossip is what globalist filth count on! Instead, we must become an octopus! (metaphorically). Becoming the guardians for ALL Sovereign nations. Protecting both culture and heritage from every angle! This is what people risk everything for! Not betrayal!

For us to protect such sovereignty and individual freedoms, it begins exactly where these soulless cowards start their indoctrination. Educational systems MUST be held accountable! Being vigilante is our duty for the success of our children’s future! Programs including Common core must be exposed undoubtedly! Intervening before being undermined will make all the difference for our children to grow into honorable adults! A precedence of solidarity MUST be established with respect to be earned and trust regained.
Our next generation is ONLY as strong as they are wise! Let’s act accordingly!

-Pat Rogers

 2018 has been an active year for Keystone United. On March 10th members gathered in Harrisburg and held a small flash demo on the steps of the State Capitol Building. This was our first of this type of flash demo but we hope to have more throughout the state and grow them bigger!

On April 14th Keystone United organized a statewide banner drop across Pennsylvania. Each chapter made banners consisting of topics relating to border security and the defense of our 2nd Amendment. Some regions took the opportunity to turn the banner drop into overpass rallies. This was the first organized statewide” day of action” event for Keystone United – and it was a complete success! More of this statewide activism will follow in the future.

2018 is turning out to be the year of activism for Keystone United, and with summer approaching you can expect more to come. Make sure to keep your eyes on the website for upcoming events! If you’re interested and want to get involved please feel free to contact us. You can find our E-mail adress under the “Contact us” tab. As always, we would like to thank all of our friends and supporters for their continued support and encouraging words!