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Make sure you support the band Activist “United In this War” by purchasing one of their new T-shirts. Click on the link below.

Activist Band Shirt – United In This War

Everyone that plans on attending the event tomorrow, please have a safe trip.

*Paddy Tarleton and Activist will be performing acoustic sets.

Music Credit: Through Fire We Ride, Jason Augustus


Make sure you click on the link above. Two great brothers of ours with a great radio show!

Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the Monday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about his impressions of Leif Erikson day which takes place in Pennsylvania every year. Keystone United were there along with Steve Smith who has been on the show before, after he won a local election through campaigning in his local community despite a large amount of negative media coverage.

The gathering was a celebration of the White Viking hero who sailed to America and was a big contrast from anything Jason was used to, as in New York people would assume it was going to be malicious, since it was exclusively White. It reminded him that Nationalism has moved away from being reactionary in the last decade towards a more family focused environment that is more about community building. It was still very individualistic back then, but as the activists starting having kids, they started to think more about what sort of world we are creating for our children.

Young people today are really disconnected from their heritage, they are told they should feel guilty for it and are not used to celebrating it. This is unnatural as we should be living within our own tribe, with people we know we can trust and count on to turn to when we need help. We are used to hearing the Left talk about community organisers, but we don’t often hear much about it on the right and we certainly don’t have any official ones like the Blacks have.

We need to take our struggle seriously as we are the only ones speaking up for our people, nobody else is doing it. We are actively under attack in the White working class areas and people like Bernie Sanders who claims to represent the working class constantly accuse us of being privileged. To see what is coming for the White man in America you only have to look at the White squatter camps in South Africa. There is no point where the other races will say enough is enough and speak up for us, they will just keep going until they have driven us from our territory entirely, as they have done in Rhodesia. They even say the only way to get rid of racism is to get rid of Whites.

Jason grew up in a deprived area and under the class theory of the Left, he should have been helped by the Dominicans around him, but they despised him because he was White and solidarity with his class status never even came into it. They had been brought up on the anti-White hatred on the tv and in school and any Whites who have to live in the poorer areas alongside the diversity have to put up with the same.

Every other ethnic community is organised and know that they are a people, it is only Whites who fail to understand this and capitalize on it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

9th Annual MDS Show Review

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Shows

mds show

Saturday, March 28th brought us the “9th Annual St. Patty’s Day Show” courtesy of MDS, a show and gathering much anticipated by the white nationalist/white rights community. It was well attended, with members of MDS, KU, Traditionalist Youth Network and other groups as well as both new and familiar faces coming together for good music, good food and drink, and most importantly, camaraderie and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

         The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a set of familiar favorites by the acoustic duo “Activist”. Next up, the music turned hard and heavy with a set by the Michigan-based band “Major Disappointment’’, which they were anything but!! The high energy level of their hardcore/oi songs led to the start of more than one pit! Following this, Matt Heimbach of the “Traditionalist Youth Network” took the mic and made an impassioned speech, pointing out that the time has come for white people of all religions to stand up together to fight that which intends to destroy us and our culture! It was truly a stirring presentation.

                 Ending the evening, “Activist” once again took the mic, playing songs that called for audience participation, as well as an original tune. They ended the night by playing the “Marshall Tucker Band” song “Fire on the Mountain” in honor of our brother Richmond Tom, who unfortunately could not be with us to perform it himself. A touching moment, indeed.

A great time was had by everyone in attendance. Thanks and kudos to MDS, Rick Indie/ Label 56 and all who made the event possible. I’m already looking forward to next year!!

MDS 9th Annual St.Patty’s Day Show

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Shows

mds show 2015

A little over a week away, Come on out and show your support!!