The False Prophets of Social Justice

Posted: April 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

    The U.S/Mexico border is questionably the largest open air child sex trafficking market in the world! Tens of thousands of “unaccompanied” children cross every year without biological parents or anyone remotely related to the child. Easily vanishing into an already overwhelmed immigration system. ; these numbers only represent those apprehended by border patrol. Allowing for this to happen is arguably the greatest failure to human rights in modern history! While the Democratic party, who publicly “champion” a message for social justice, would rather create votes for personal gain than protect the innocent.

    How is it that the United States of America, an exemplary beacon to all of humanity, ensure safe spaces to inject heroin yet we fail the thousands of innocent children being used as political pawns? It’s lunacy! Democrats reckless attitude towards the severity of our border crisis has single handedly put countless innocent lives in immediate danger! Relentless propaganda inundated throughout Democratic strongholds, has created this narrative for urgency to a problem non existent until created by the very people screaming for social justice! Liberals fixate on scenarios that examine the “after the fact” ignoring very avoidable suffering created by liberals themselves TO BEGIN WITH! If the Democrats concern were that of human rights issue , then focus would be on security, not sanctuary for those breaking federal law. Democrats unwillingness to protect our southern border is the direct cause and effect for this continual humanitarian crisis. The creation of sanctuary cities is at the very core of why so many face imminent danger. Countless children exposed to the perilous journey stretching miles across unforgiving desert, accompanied by COMPLETE STRANGERS is direct result of Democrats creation of such policies. COMMON SENSE FOLKS! Yet millions blindly support such deranged thinking!

    Liberals drunk on political power have unquestionably shown their lunacy knows no bounds:; as long as it ensures such power remain intact. No sympathy! No compassion! Just endless divisive rhetoric ripping our country apart.

    When morality becomes non existent in those looked upon for guidance, societies CRUMBLE soon there after! History is our greatest teacher. To ignore its warning is the epitome of deranged. Self serving empty vessels acting careless for personal gains have proven time and time again that they destroy and not create. 60 years of Democratic power in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco, Philadelphia….etc. can reaffirm any doubts you may have left.

    Sanctuary laws create circumstances in which environments encapsulated with criminality are created. Children brought not of their own volition is direct reaction to such unconstitutional law and reason for their suffering. More so, those who inexcusably follow these twisted, liberal ideals, must awaken to the nefarious impact their inaction creates. Choosing to enter by ILLEGAL means, reveals one’s true intentions! Intentions that time and again come at the expense of the innocent. Our duty is that of resistance! At every occurrence! Divisiveness, deception and vile LIES spoken from golden painted snake tongue’s can no longer hold our nation hostage!

-Pat Rogers

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