Keystone United: Helping Those In Need

Posted: January 25, 2019 in Activism, Uncategorized

    Each and every year hundreds of homeless veterans and families in need struggle to battle the wintry chill. The arctic winds have been brutal and unpredictable. Sadly, the frigid temperatures can also be life threatening to elderly and young children. Our local communities were asking for donations to help. Keystone United stepped up to the plate. At our annual Yule gathering in December, we asked everyone to bring a new blanket to be donated to those in need. In addition, we also set up a donation page for those wishing to give money towards the purchase of new blankets. In total we were able to donate 45 brand new blankets and comforters to a local church. The pastor was so overwhelmed when he saw the number of new blankets we were able to collect for donation. He asked us to relay his gratitude to all those involved and assured us our donations would be given to those in need.

   Being able to help those in need is something we take great pride in doing. We, as Americans, must come together to do our part to help ensure those who bravely fought for our freedom are helped in every way possible. That the struggling families with young children who have fallen on difficult times are offered the support and services they may need. The well-being and safety of our community and the future of our children are of the utmost importance.

   Keystone United will continue to be pro-active in the community. Stay strong, stay true.
-Bob Gaus


  1. Jesse Sprague says:

    Good shit Bob, we need more of this.Jesse Pgh

  2. Matt says:

    Great work..much respect!

  3. Brian bonekemper says:

    Great work. I took firewood to a disabled veteran today. We can’t forget those who faught to let us speak our minds.

  4. Robert High says:

    As a veteran I am very grateful for all you have done.



  5. Troy Renner says:

    Great work all, everyone needs help here and there and what you guys represent is what I try to teach my children. Hoping to meet you guys at an event this year…..much respect

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