Official Statement concerning the Incident in Avalon

Posted: July 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is in response to the incident that took place at the Jackman Inn on July 7th in Avalon, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh).

To start off, let’s be clear that violence is against the policy of Keystone United except in cases of self-defense. It is also against our policy to attack anyone on the basis of race verbally with racial slurs.

As most probably have heard by now – A couple Keystone United members are being charged with a fight that broke out in a bar on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. As usual, the left wing media is trying to smear the name of Keystone United and its members by painting the image of KU as a hateful and violent organization. Many media outlets are using typical anti-White groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as sources.
It is also being reported that Keystone United is a Neo-Nazi skinhead group. This couldn’t be further from the truth. KU is a pro-American fraternal organization that advocates on behalf of Whites . For years now, members of KU have been working endlessly to turn the group into what it is today. We strive to lead by example by conducting ourselves in a positive, professional and productive manner. We learned from the mistakes of the past and used those mistakes to better ourselves and to better our cause. Despite what is being thrown into everyone’s face by the left-wing media and anti-white groups – Keystone United is NOT a hate group. We don’t live our daily lives with  hatred as the media would like you to believe. Hate will never get us anywhere – we do what we do out of love and total commitment to our folk, heritage and identity.

As far as the allegations in the Avalon case against some KU members go – remember, there are always two sides of a story. Not everything is like it seems. The fight had absolutely nothing to do with race nor were any racial slurs used. Unfortunately, we can not go into too much detail due to legal issues, but Keystone United is standing behind our members who are being charged with these ridiculous charges. Our members did exactly what any other person would do – they defended themselves and each other. With that being said, there are supposed “witnesses” who are standing behind the so called “victim” (who was a regular at the bar), but it’s easy to find witnesses when you know the majority of people in the bar. (it should also be noted that there were multiple people on BOTH sides involved with the fight regardless of what the media and “witnesses” state)

Our members are being charged with these outrageous charges only because of who they are and because of what they are involved with. Nothing in this incident was because of racial views – it only turned into something racial when the aggressor used the race card and played victim.

Thank you.

  1. Bullseye says:

    I’d like to meet with the local chapter here in the Pittsburgh area.

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