Keystone United Interviewed By Centre County Report

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Activism, Interviews, Political, TheHereticVoice, Video
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A short video clip of peoples reaction on Pennsylvania having the 5th most “Hate” groups in the US.

The full interview by Centre County Report on our very own Ryan Wojtowicz.

  1. Patrick Rogers says:

    Patrick Rogers
    a minute ago
    Advocating for one’s Heritage and promotion of such, should be ALL-INCLUSIVE! Ethnic groups with the exception of White Americans have such ability to freely promote individual issues effecting each community. As for White Americans, our freedom to speak of issues concerning us, are CONTINUOUSLY impeded upon through violence and denouncing it as “hate speech”! Mental barriers; are that which hold back advancement through open dialogue between polar opposites! Until we (White Americans) can express ourselves openly, without extreme opposition, racial tensions will never cease and not because of us! My little response on their website! Great job Ryan!

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