Posted: January 11, 2017 in Activism, Political, TheHereticVoice
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It is almost hard to fathom the level of depravity and utter senselessness and inhumanity of what recently occurred in Chicago. Perhaps harder to fathom is the lackluster response from a supposed “civil” American society who paid witness to the sheer brutality of what happened, thanks to unfiltered social media. One would expect a healthy social collective to have a root core of humanity, compassion, and ethic that would trigger an eruption of righteous indignation. We should be so united and impassioned that the full weight of justice would have been, brought to bear on the vermin with swift, fell wings to such an extent that a clear, undeniable message would be set: this level of revolting behavior would not only be deemed wholly intolerable, but would be punished to such an extent that one wouldn’t even consider repeating or copying the offense. But this wasn’t what has happened or is happening at the time of this writing.
 There’s plenty of angry and frowny emojis floating around Facebook, and even plenty of ranting -complacent, proverbial “preaching to the choir” on social media…. but there is no real uprising among the populace- and I’m not talking about a taking up of arms….rather, there is no one taking to the streets in protest, there are no serious calls for justice among political leaders or in the media. Instead, we see even the Chicago police trying to downplay the event as something “stupid” done by rashly thinking “kids”. The talking heads insist it’s not a hate crime that took place, but something no more significant than a tasteless prank pulled off by misguided youths. We are even seeing so-called “experts” of social sciences pointing to each and every lame excuse other than simple self-determined, self-willed responsibility: it’s the “hip hop culture”, it’s the music, no fathers in the house, etc., etc., etc…. the three latter points certainly do have legitimacy in the wider picture of what is at the foundation of a sick society. But, when does the individual’s moral compass kick in? Lacking that, when does one simply have to make a deliberate and clear choice to act in a particular way, and accept the consequences of the action one sets into motion? When do we stop making excuses?
We cannot expect the media to counter the established narrative, to risk any contradiction to the Marxist agenda that is still in play- as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we cannot expect the globalists to simply lay their agenda aside, now that the populist movement within the US has finally succeeded in disrupting their order with the recent election. While it is easy to be dismissive of the misinformation machine, we really must make our voices heard, we really must shout louder than the ranting of the talking heads and actively counter the bewildering flood of excuses and downplayed scripts. Why? Because the better part of our fellow citizens are still lemmings after all, and while they may not trust the media, they still absorb the messages it regurgitates. The populace will still absorb the poison and will remain complacent or even desensitized to the matter at hand, and the bigger picture it represents. After all, if you tell a lie long enough………..
There is plenty that could be said about the obvious. I’m not going to waste my time (nor yours) in addressing that. There’s a countless array of sources to which the discerning reader can turn for all manner of the common opinions floating about. And really, this is a situation that can take pages upon pages to explore in any minimal attempt to gain understanding…where does one even begin? I urge you to not only be informed but to inform- don’t just preach to your friends and others of like mind. We live in an age of on-the-go information. Use the channels at your disposal to actively raise your voice wherever you have a chance to be heard (or read) and push the issue. We must have nothing short of true justice. Justice begins among the informed.
-Georg Hesser

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