Posted: January 7, 2017 in Activism, Political, TheHereticVoice
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 Appalachia, one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems, well known hiking trails and tight knit communities scatter these breathtaking mountain ranges stretching from Maine to Georgia, one would be hard pressed to find any downside living here. What is rarely known by outsiders, is 23 million residents who call the Appalachian mountain region home, is the deliberate, premeditated attack from Big Pharmaceutical companies, with Perdue topping the infamous list. Misinformation and over prescribing of opiates, has lead to one of America’s largest drug epidemics in U.S history.

       So why the contrast of coverage in comparison to the Heroin epidemic of the 70’s or rampant Crack cocaine usage soaring throughout the 80’s? Most educated individuals might conclude in haste, disproportionate populations between Urban and Rural areas is the reason. After all why should such a small number of people require much attention?! What seems quite apparent, is that no matter the cost, liberals can’t afford to ruin ridiculous narratives that protects their entire ideology! Deplorable living conditions, extreme poverty, lack of education and medical treatment, Liberals should be foaming at the mouth to expose such atrocities! So what’s missing? MINORITIES, homicides and other violent crime the left so foolishly dismiss when such living conditions exist. Hence their conundrum! Appalachia having a 95% White population and little problems in regards to violence seen in Urban areas with comparable situations, liberal talking points are no longer reasonable to anyone with common sense.

      Let’s humor for a brief moment, this lunacy the left uses to excuse their continually lack of empathy for those affected by this epidemic. The 2200 mile long Appalachia region, spanning 13 states, makes up 12% of America’s population yet over 21% of ALL drug overdose deaths in America, are attributed to this region. I suppose their lack of compassion has nothing to do with Appalachia being over 95% White? Huh??…let’s pause for a moment, these statistics seem quite familiar!? After all, America’s Black population is around 12% but unlike Appalachia, make up roughly 50% of all violent crime….so much for excuses Black America! More infuriating is the lack of accountability! Better yet, let’s reward “minority” communities by giving them 10 times the amount of federal aid, housing development and even have hot water…..yes that’s right, hot water. Go to Owsley Kentucky and see how many White children DO NOT! White Liberals are the most twisted and savage people I’ve ever encountered! Not only are they selective with what Social issues to address, they systematically exclude all issues affecting White communities with absolute disgust even contemplating  doing so! Purposely ignoring our Nation’s biggest problem, to punish the most deserving, hard working citizens in America because the don’t fit certain stereotypes, is disgusting even for the Left! Has anyone seen something liberals call White Privilege? I don’t think the great people of Appalachia would know where to find any!!?

      Having 6 of the top 10 impoverished counties in ALL of America and over 20% of Appalachians twice under the National poverty level, they should be committing  crimes at even HALF the rate seen in minority areas according to liberal logic!?. Instead, you see desperate working class people, scratching and clawing for normalcy in their lives! Coal, thriving lumber industry and industrial farming, one would think multi-billion dollar industries are helping. Unfortunately that’s far from the truth! Liberal policy has all but wiped out the Coal industry, corporate greed in the Lumber industry has overwhelmed Appalachian forests to the point of no return and as for farming…..well we all know what happens when the Federal government takes control of ANYTHING.

     So what can be done? Over 300 years ago, our Ancestors from across Europe left everything to inhabit the uninhabitable! Carving out what has often been referred to, as “ the backbone of America”. Regardless of small populations, more Appalachian men, have fought and died protecting our freedoms than ANY other region in our Nation! EVERY war America has ever partaking in, these brave men and women have heeded the call to arms! With little concern for their safety and every care in the world for ALL others well being! Their Patriotism and sacrifice  is unmatched and treatment they’ve received is beyond measure in every way! Their whispers most become our mighty roar so this place and our Folk, are forgotten no longer!





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