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December, a month marked by hustle and bustle as people prepare for the coming holidays, is also the month of the Keystone United Yule Celebration. A time when all folks of good will and like minds get together for fun,camaraderie, and holiday festivities courtesy of Keystone United!

 This years event was well attended,not only by family and friends of K.U. members,but also folks representing other White Nationalist groups such as B & H/Club 28, MDS, and Label 56.


The décor was beautiful, the food was homemade and delicious and the DJ kept everyone moving!

The children in attendance enjoyed themselves immensely, playing games,doing crafts and generally frolicking about. The adults enjoyed good conversation while sharing food and drink,all the time demonstrating the hospitality for which K.U. events are known.Various themed baskets were raffled off,along with a 50/50.Towards the end of the night, each child was given a gift,as befits the season.

 The night ended with the many guests bidding each other farewell, and expressing their anticipation of the next K.U. Event.

We in Keystone United would like to thank everyone that came out to support us!

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