Posted: November 17, 2016 in Activism, Political, TheHereticVoice
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-Georg Hesser
For far too many election cycles, we have been trading between the “lesser of two evils”- candidates who are little more than corporate whores from two parties joined at the globalist hip, all with little or no interest in serving the needs of the average American. Sure, they make plenty of promises but would ever deliver little- just enough crumbs to keep the lemmings subdued and thinking that someone was working for them in D.C…. meanwhile, the policies that were being pushed through over so many years did little good for the populace, but instead served the needs of the corporate button-pushers and the globalist agenda. Many of us would feel the pinch of such practices, but few would ever see the truth. This changed over the last administration, and in this latter portion of it in particular. 
For years, the globalist establishment was quite calculating and careful in the execution of its machinations. It was a slow “trickle effect” that maintained the process. This kept designs under the radar and the wolves of revolution at bay. But in most recent times, the establishment erupted with an aggressiveness that brought its agenda out of the shadows of conspiracy theories and into the blazing light of awareness. Suddenly, the warnings of what folk thought was the “lunatic right-wing fringe” were beginning to make sense….suddenly, the people began to awaken from their spell-bound slumber and began to see the ugly truth in all of its stark clarity. Americans finally woke up, were finally fed up, and would finally….finally….take some manner of action. 
On 8 November, the people elected to end the Bush and Clinton globalist dynasties. They elected a president who didn’t come from the establishment, who isn’t bound to special interests, and one who spoke to them on their terms. He had seemingly no chance in winning. He exposed the deepest roots of corruption of and collusion between the two main political parties, and had to fight not only his opposition and the media complex, but the very members of the party to which he had aligned his candidacy. But yet, he did win. 
Donald Trump’s victory isn’t the coming of Balder after the Ragnarok, nor is it the second coming of Christ. Electing him did put the breaks on the globalist transformation that was unfolding before our very eyes- TPP will not happen, and it is likely that other disastrous trade deals will be renegotiated. We have secured the appointment of (hopefully) less marxist supreme court justices over the next few years, and the flood of humanity that is currently overwhelming our border will be stayed. 
However, we would be foolhardy to think Trump will achieve all of the promises he has made- even if Trump were genuine in his determination, he will get nothing accomplished in D.C. if he doesn’t “play the game” on some level. Already, members of his own party are affirming that they will not support much of his populist agenda. And certainly, the globalists (who have untold fortunes invested in their interests) aren’t going to simply give up. We need to be more vigilant than ever, and we need to hold those elected accountable for their promises. Now is not the time to sit back and relish in the glory of a populist victory. We must pick up our momentum, remain involved, and hold their feet to the fire. This is just the beginning. 

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