Posted: November 1, 2016 in Activism, Political, TheHereticVoice
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-Georg Hesser

White Guilt is a cancer that has been slowly metastasizing within our People for a number of decades now, one that has been building slowly: cell by cell, cluster by cluster. Over the decades, we have been given to surrendering our sense of pride as a collective folk, to surrender the very station and status for which our Fathers and their Fathers toiled, fought, and died. They labored to establish and continue the culture into which we were born. They worked tirelessly to defend and further the principles upon which our very civilization is founded and from which our people draw its very strength. 

The encroachment of cultural marxism threatens to lay waste all that we have come to be, and to destroy all that we hold as the very foundations of our culture and the rich tapestry of folkways / traditions that stem from it. At times this cancer has come upon us as subtle and slow as an occasional drip; at other times, it has been a surging flood. Regardless, it has been unquestioningly constant, incessant, and sure in the destruction it brings. 
The situation in which we find ourselves is bleak. The globalist establishment is working fervently to dismantle the societies from which our people have sprung, those national and local communities that our folk have built and support. Sure, the same establishment still expects us to slave away in financially backing our society/societies, but it expects us to do so as slaves to it- not as proud men and women, the very stewards of our community / communities and nation(s). The establishment’s poison infects our children through the education system, where misinformation and false ‘truths’ shape the understandings and thought processes of the most mentally vulnerable. The roots of guilt are set into this fertile soil at an early age, ensuring a stripping away of any sense of pride-in-place in the world for all that our People have done to advance it….and, our adults aren’t immune- we are constantly shamed and increasingly threatened into submission through a perverted social acceptability that has up-ended the norms of any healthy society. All expressions of pride are equated with the “evils of racism” -in today’s social environment, all accusations of racism threaten one’s very station, his or her job, and any semblance of normalcy in life. 
We must be diligent in our resistance to “white guilt”, and must make every possible effort to push back, with particular attention to our children’s education. Here, we must tirelessly monitor their schooling in both private and public settings. Remain aware of the curriculum being presented and be prepared to offer an informed counter-presentation to inaccurate accounts and mistruths. Take time to fill in intentional gaps and to dispel the often less obvious hints and implications that would erode the honor and pride our children would otherwise come to develop for the accomplishments of their People, both past and present. Among adults, we need to educate our friends and family- not all circumstances will be appropriate for or call us to get on a soap box, but we can use tools such as social media to post the anniversaries of our folk’s accomplishments, births / deaths of important figures, and bits of interesting cultural info….anything that raises or preserves the awareness of our People’s achievements. 
We can and must stamp out white guilt. We cannot surrender the memory of the “place” which our civilization has made in the grand scheme of world history. We cannot surrender our pride, dignity, and remembrance owed to the efforts, sacrifices, and achievements of all of those who have carved out and shaped the greatest nations on earth- havens of freedom, art, science, and culture. In guilt we surrender everything that becomes the foundation for our own self-preservation and ultimate greatness as individuals and as a People. We must be the vanguard in the push-back against white guilt. We must hold aloft the banner around which our folk will rally, and we must lead them forward toward honor and pride. 

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