Trump Comes To Harrisburg!!

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Activism, Political
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On Thursday, April 21 Donald Trump brought his presidential campaign tour to the Pennsylvania capitol city of Harrisburg.
Long lines of supporters wound around the buildings of the city’s Farm Show Complex, eager to see and hear what their presidential hopeful had to say. Supporters came from all walks of life and, contrary to what the mainstream media portrays, a cross section of racial backgrounds. A rag-tag assortment of counter protesters showed up, but their numbers were dwarfed by Mr. Trump’s supporters.
Entrance to the building where the rally was to be held was surprisingly quick, considering the number of people seeking to attend. Law enforcement was quite visible and attentive to the various situations that arose (counter-protesters, hecklers,etc..).
As Mr. Trump took the stage, he was met with wild applause and various slogans of support! The atmosphere was electric as he spoke, touching on topics like illegal immigration, loss of jobs in the area, professional politicians, ISIS, strengthening our military, taxing the imported goods of companies that leave the country…and of course, the wall to be built between Mexico and the U.S.A.. Although Mr. Trump had a set time limit, he extended it so the people who were still making their way into the venue would be able to hear most of his speech. Other than a handful of protesters who were quickly removed by the police, the event went off without a hitch and was quite memorable indeed. As people exited the venue, some where met by more protesters but were rapidly separated by a strong police line.
The majority of Keystone United members endorse Mr. Trump’s run for the presidency due to his stand on many key issues. This does NOT mean we agree with all his stances,…. nor does it imply that he would endorse us! We find the candidate whose viewpoints are most compatible with ours,and may aid us in the struggle we all face.


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