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Posted: March 21, 2016 in Political
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 Looking forward into fixing  America’s current issue’s, we notice few people willing to speak on how to create actual solutions and less wanting to even acknowledge such problems exist at all!? Most Americans can appreciate and understand the urgency for change! So why is it, so many are unwilling to embrace fresh ideas from political outsiders wanting nothing more than a better future for us all? “Career” Politicians have made it their life’s mission, to create an insurmountable division amongst the citizenry they govern!Whether race, class or religion, exploitation through emotional topics are Globalist go to mechanisms to distract us from their true intent! Continual disregard for our well-being should be enough for most to say enough is enough but with so many unwilling to except this opportunity, what else can we say or do? Economic and educational institutions are failing to sustain relevance on a global level, yet Universities spend BILLIONS of hard earned tax dollars, on redirecting young impressionable minds from the very system deserving of their distrust and anger?! So why the onslaught against conservatism? After all, fiscal opportunity is always at the forefront of what conservatives strive for when in power of these institutions! Where is the mutual effort to find common ground between intellects on differing sides when key issues are addressed? Liberals thoroughly enjoy exploiting weaknesses and capitalize on every opportunity presented, whether jobs or crime, division is their goal. If they were to exert even half of the effort on SOLVING issues as they do pointing fingers, they would, for the first time have to achieve something on their OWN VOLITION !! I can understand the Globalist resistance for Unity but why do so many young individuals blindly follow true ignorance when unity is the ultimate goal for the left? It makes absolutely ZERO sense!! Sure Conservatives and Liberals have differences but conservative minds are far more inclusive when prosperity for ALL Americans is at hand! If securing drug infested borders or monitoring radical Muslims are your only issue’s, your mother should’ve swallowed! Inaction against these very issues, has led to countless deaths and loss of our ability to pursue the American dream! So while the left continues to slander individuals or talk about to distract their well funded collegiate puppets, it seals the fate of yet another generation. No matter the events protested or how loud you scream, wisdom gained through experience will always in retrospect, show the faults of your misguided action! Globalist count on that! So before acting in haste, THINK for yourself! I sympathize wanting to be the first to exploit problems within our society and times have been trapped myself amongst lies! The true test in conquering life’s mishaps, is patience! Knowing the difference between when to act and when to watch is a skill few have tamed and fewer mastered! Hence the monetary gap with all that is precious in life! Not just meaningless luxuries or riches but time to appreciate Family, Folk and Fellowship! This is where our efforts truly begin and in  moment, the end of Globalist exploitation of us ALL and New Dawn for individual ethnicities to enjoy nations built not of outside influence but on individualism, fortitude and free will after all, while we fight and sacrifice for crumbs between one another, these same advocates for the working poor, laugh in their posh mansions paid for with lies and deceit! It’s not a liberal or conservative issue, a black or White issue, it’swhat’s best for every nation as a whole and vision to see each succeed through individualism.

-Pat Rogers

  1. randall Weller says:

    I agree. I feel the people are so afraid to do what needs to be done because they fear the back lash of their actions. If all the people would get off their asses and do what they preach on face book then our country would be the greatest country in the world. Right now it is not

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