Traditionalist Worker’s Party and Keystone United Event: A First Person Perspective

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Activism
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On February 13th, 2016, the party cadre of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party co-hosted an energetic encounter with the leaders of the community organization, Keystone United, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This conference was a historical development within the racial advocacy and third positionist movement for one stark reason: the approximately sixty individuals in attendance came from all walks of life, and all were liberated from superfluous contradictions, snobbery, or subcultural hangups. Some wore suits, others preferred bomber jackets. A few speakers had Ph.Ds, but many work with their hands–equally valuable in their insight.

Respected elders and movement veterans shared their wisdom, but the young average age of attendees inspired them to keep the faith. Quirky computer nerds found full coherence with well-adjusted family men (a few with a penchant for power lifting). Artists exchanged ideas with writers on ways to synthesize their gifts and create unstoppable propaganda. Zionist-outlawed rebellious musicians found kinship with religious leaders in their shared racially-motivated persecution. There was even a bake sale!

The ugly classism that is pervasive within more conservative elements in our patriotic movement was smashed here. Those who came with economic burdens were not treated with shaming, but instead to love and solidarity, the values both TWP and KU share above all. There were no pretentious $200 “catering fees”, because a pint of Guinness and stimulating conversation is all the nourishment a truly dedicated Political Soldier needs.

The genuine diversity at this event was enlightening, it was the kind of diversity that accurately represents the population at large, and shows just how our ideology is permeating against all the odds in our society from top to bottom. Regardless of our differences, we all had the most important thing in common: We’re going to awaken the sleeping Occidental Giant, and no one is going to tell us what to do!

The subjects of conversation ranged from the big picture problem of the criminally ignored plight of America’s rural “white privileged” poor and the havoc the global capitalist de-industrialization project is wreaking throughout our heartland.  Immediate questions also sparked important conversation, such as how we can pool our talents and resources to raise money to fight back against the horrifying and malicious indifference of the genocidal African National Congress towards South African white peasants currently being decimated by drought.

To the elitist fools that look down on blue collar whites: these are the people with heart that’ll fight and die for you, and you should be ashamed if you don’t feel the same.

To those who pigeonhole themselves with Hollywood expressions of racial politics: that nerd who you’re tempted to give a wedgie to may just have the technological skills to create a serious movement capable of addressing the problems effecting all of us.

To those who attended the event last Saturday: Let us continue building the new archetypical man, capable of bringing our race to the light. This new man both sharpens his mind and strengthens his body, and spits in the face of the frivolous materialism of our age.


-Eric Striker


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