Unnecessary Poverty

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Activism


A letter to the Williamsport Sungazette……..


Poverty: When we think of what it means to be “poor”, we imagine run down metropolitan areas and inner city communities lacking opportunity. What we often forget is Appalachia! While the importance for both is crucial for true progress, the Appalachian regions from Coal Township here in Pennsylvania, to Georgia and Kentucky, are time and again left with nothing but political aspirations!

30 U.S code 1231, Abandoned mine reclamation fund, is quite simple. All monies donated, whether privately or federally, have already been collected and established for the rejuvenation process to begin. Specifically for Appalachia! So why are millions of Americans still left to suffer unimaginable daily struggles when the funds are there?

Secondly, why is it taking so long to fix the many problems when the funding is there? From polluted water sources children drink from, animal habitats destroyed entirely and farming land’s that can no longer produce sufficient crops, it disgusts me knowing this continues as I write this! Pollution, job loss and outright deplorable living conditions have been ignored far too long by bureaucracy and greed!

The money is there! I implore you to call your local representative and find out why our fellow American’s continue to suffer!

Patrick R. Rogers

Williamsport, PA

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