Negative Coverage

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

A letter to the Williamsport Sungazette………

Within the last few weeks, 90 percent of the Oregon standoff coverage has been negative. Claims of racism and alternative motives by Militiamen, have water-downed the facts! How can “supposed” anti-gun/anti-violence advocates, call for the out-right murder of Patriots? These men and women want nothing more, than the ability to live self-sufficient lives without federal interference!

Without fully understanding the complexity of the situation, how can “tolerant liberals” take such a drastic stance? To me, this undoubtedly shows their true mind-set! Where were bleeding heart liberals when Baltimore and Ferguson were burning?

Ridiculous claims of white privilege have stigmatized an entire race of people! This hypocrisy exhibited by liberals is quite sad!

This federal land grab implemented in 1965 has no precedence over most land they claim is the government’s! This is what we’re upset about! Allowing constitutional rights as American citizens to be trampled on by the federal government whenever they see fit, can no longer go unchallenged!

Criticizing private citizens for wanting nothing more than to continue a same self-sufficient lifestyle goes against all I love about this great nation!

Patrick R. Rogers

Williamsport, Pa.

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