Drop your ego and do what is necessary!

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
I intended to write this essay based on the subject of a recent shooting that took place in Philadelphia PA. The specifics of this shooting were especially important to me because the shooter, who was a Black Muslim, openly admitted to shooting a White Man – who was a police officer just sitting in his car at the time of the incident. The Black Muslim not only admitted to the shooting, he boldly, proudly, and audaciously claimed the shooting was in support of Islam and ISIS. 
As soon as the Mayor of Philadelphia became aware of the attempted murder of one of our civil servants, without hesitation, he immediately spoke to the media and said:
“It is terrible and it does not represent the religion [Islam] in any way, shape or form.”
Most might agree with the new Mayor of Philadelphia, but I do not.
Recent events in Europe have taught me one thing; Islam is completely incompatible with Western values, culture and Tradition. This is not about terrorism, although that is something that must not be downplayed in order to maintain an anti-discriminatory attitude towards Muslims.

This essay was first intended to focus on this specific event. But like all trains of thought, it took me to an unsuspecting destination. Rather than highlighting the symptoms of our current state of affairs, which would amount to nothing more than a circle-jerk of already held opinions on the matter, I hope that this will be more effective.
Since its inception, the West has experienced- and will continue to experience- internal conflict. Before the introduction of mass immigration, these internal conflicts have been the result of ethnic tension, religious, political, ideological and even philosophical differences, but they are our conflicts, they are our responsibility to resolve and our responsibility alone.

Europe is like one big family, and every big family has turmoil that can only be resolved internally. I am sure everyone can identify with family dysfunction on some level. I am sure that everyone has experienced an outsider who has audaciously vocalized their opinion on family matters. Regardless of how correct the outsider’s assessment may be, the most common reaction is to defend your family, no matter how dysfunctional. This is a common reaction- with extreme exceptions aside- there is a primordial urge, a natural reaction to defend your family from outsiders, even if it is just from petty slander.

This primordial urge to defend what is ours is part of the evolutionary process, woven into our DNA, it is as natural as a heartbeat. Doing what is necessary to maintain our heartbeat is instinctual, it is beyond good and evil. This is not uniquely Western, the survival instinct is not even uniquely human, it is a necessity for life in general. But what is uniquely human is our ability to attach morality to necessity, sometimes confusing the two with our unique capacity to love and empathize.

Out of this capacity to love and empathize, liberalism was born and well intentioned as it may be, it is an ideology as flawed as the humans who gave birth to it. Liberalism is pure ego personified. Modern liberalism can conflate what is necessary with what is immoral. For example, (I will continue to use the family analogy with hopes of reaching more people at the instinctual level) taking your family’s side when an outsider is criticizing what is uniquely yours is a sign of honor and loyalty, these are two instinctual characteristics that have been brought into moral questioning. What I mean is, liberalism has invented a morality that begins and ends with the individual, which can distract from what comes instinctually; theprotection and survival of your family as a whole.

The survival instinct is beyond good and evil. We have to look at liberalism in comparison to instinctual necessity, consequentially; what protects you from extinction is good, therefore there is no universal moral standard other than survival. Anything, no matter how well intentioned, that places the survival of a people in jeopardy, is morally wrong.

With that said, the current immigration trends in Europe and America are counter to the survival of our people, therefore, the necessity to end immigration is an absolute good, for one simple reason; Western survival. The Western World can not live through mass immigration and maintain the political expression of Enlightenment Philosophy, which is liberalism. The West will die, and liberalism along with it, simply because it is a product of our own dysfunctional family. Liberalism is an expression of Western people, and can only be maintained by Western people.
Personally, I do not wish to maintain liberalism or its fetishization of individualism and equality, but my ego is in check, I would gladly go to war in defense of my dysfunctional family members. I would defend them until my last breath before taking the side of any non-Western outsider, especially if the future of our folk -our family as a whole- depended on it.

Europe is in our hearts, it is in our souls. We are Europe, and our political differences are a direct manifestation of European diversity. This is a call to re-awaken our survival instinct. This is an attempt to appeal to my leftist European brothers and sisters – as dysfunctional as I may find you – are you willing to risk all of your political progress? Are you willing to risk religious tolerance. Are you willing to risk equal, women’s, and gay rights? Are you willing to risk all that you have done for your ideology, by taking the side of an outsider who holds you and your family -no matter how dysfunctional you may find us- in contempt?

We might not get along, but are you willing to destroy your entire bloodline for the sake of your own ego?

Islam is not a political talking point of the day, this is an existential threat to Western Culture and, dare I say it, a threat to Western Civilization (whatever that may mean today). Only we can make our future, only we can set the moral standard by doing what is necessary for our survival, but we have to do it together.

-Brian Tobin

  1. Kevin says:

    I agree whole heartidly in preventing and stopping of foreign ideology affecting western ways.We need to go back to what is right and true stand our ground show confidence in our race and heritage.

  2. Valerie says:

    100% with you.

  3. Patrick R. says:

    Great article! Not only is it well written but also easy contextually to understand on a personal level across the board!!!

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