Keystone United Annual Yule Celebration

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Keystone United’s reputation within the Nationalist community has always been synonymous with family and fellowship, which is why year after year, our festivities are great successes. When people misinformed, think of gatherings such as this, they exclude the thoughtful conversations, laughter of our children and great admiration for true brotherhood. I stress this for those who have never attended our events for one reason or the other. If you have a good attitude, sense of what we’re about and willingness to better not only yourself, but all around you, a seat at our table is always open. For those not in attendance at this year’s event, let me fill you with envy for all you missed. When starting any night off in fashion, you must first have top-notch entertainment, which is never lacking with us! Activist hit center stage and set the tone for yet another unforgettable night. While enjoying an always solid performance, feasting and laughing was enjoyed by all. The many children enjoying games, arts, crafts and occasionally taking center stage for important announcements topped off an already spirited atmosphere. Raffles were held throughout the night and although I was particularly partial to the bounty of scratch offs that kept me busy on my journey home, Melissa’s wreath took center stage for the prize most adorned. Craftsmanship is something not only us men hold in high regards, but the women as well and more so at times. To put this emotional experience into context fitting of the night, would take Hemingway months….luckily I’m no Hemingway! Saying we’re brash or hard to get along with, is an exaggeration fit for a sonnet of its own! The next time you hear of an event, don’t count in your head how many tattoos we’ll have or immediately think of “hate”, all we ask is you come out for yourself and hold your judgment for those befitting of such.

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