Keystone United Stands With America !

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Activism
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As most Americans and Europeans know by now, the U.S and all of Europe is under attack! Not only by an un-wavering barrage of illegal immigrants and “refugees” but also the Global Elite ideology to deconstruct our culture, traditions and overall success we’ve enjoyed for centuries in our homelands!
Naturally our will is just as relentless as the onslaught and spirit will never break because of Patriots like Keystone United and countless other’s from across the Globe!
For many, this is a new feeling of uncertainty! A concept thought to be spoken by right-wing lunatics and conspiracy theorists alone! Not for us, our bond as brothers and sisters to fight has been forged many years ago for the truth has always been there and easily accessible!
Our actions this past Friday and Saturday were and will always be necessary to preserve the very fabric of European culture!
As we set out this weekend, although split into two, our goal was that of one great force! Both days turned out Patriots from all walks of life and every corner of Pennsylvania! The sun was shining and spirits were high as people began showing up! Horns from passing vehicles echoed the heart and soul of our Great Nation! Of course there were as usual a disillusioned few, but for several hours we relished in a sense of great accomplishment from countless positive responses from fellow Pennsylvanians.
One thing I’d like to stress is to not fall back into a complacent mind-set! To often issues come and go and although we at Keystone United and many other Patriotic organizations continue to fight for a better tomorrow, the majority retains its silence and politicians once again defy logic for profit!
We cannot afford this “Silent majority” any longer! Our Veterans, children, elderly and workforce suffer daily which is an unacceptable truth we have to bare…….. NO LONGER SHALL THAT BE THE CASE! Pro-activity is what we at Keystone United and many other Patriotic organizations continue to fight for! Fighting to obtain a better tomorrow while the majority retains its silence and allowing politicians to continually profit from situations like this, is unacceptable!
Activism is essential for greatness to once again reign over our Nations and no longer have complacency in our communities!

 -Pat rogers
  1. Werwolf says:

    Well said! I am happy to hear of KU’s recent and continued success! Keep up the great work fellas!

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