Sapping The Walls

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          Throughout history, right up through the invention of the firearm and into the 19th Century, mankind sought to employ a variety of different techniques with which to break through entrenched or fortified enemy defenses without necessarily resorting to frontal attacks, which could occasionally be effective yet were very costly to the attacking force in terms of manpower and material. A method frequently employed during medieval times was the employment of sappers, who were essentially miners tasked to dig beneath a castle or fortification’s walls, plant explosives which would cause a breach in the defenses, and thusly open a point on ingress for the attacking forces to enter the fortifications with a greater chance of success and fewer casualties. These same techniques were used, with varying degrees of success, right up through the American Civil War (think of the Battle of the Crater), with perhaps the pinnacle of their usage during the mired-down trench warfare endemic on the western front of the First World War.

                In our current age, as warfare has evolved to become more fluid and mobile and has generally reduced, if not eliminated, the use of heavy fortifications, sapping enemy lines by means of digging under them (from which the term ‘undermine’ entered into our vernacular) is no longer relevant as a tool in military strategy. It is not, however, completely obsolete as a term or a strategy in metaphorical terms. Because today we are bearing witness to perhaps the most broadly evident case of undermining ever witnessed by history, and the prize is one of much greater consequence and concern than any fortification in any war to be found in the annals of our past history: that of the fate of Europe itself.

                For several decades now, Western Europe has slowly accepted the American mantra that multiculturalism is the wave of the future, enriching us with exposure to diverse cultures and peoples from around the world, ensuring that we receive waves of creative and energetic new immigrants who will help stimulate our economies and help reverse the downward demographic trends that are causing the West to hemorrhage population at an alarming, nee even critical rate.

                But when one looks at the net results of this paradigm, scratching beneath the simplistic, feel-good veneer that is constantly perpetuated and glorified by our government institutions, the media, and in particular the entertainment industry, we encounter a reality that is far more problematic, even divisive and destructive than they would care to let you know. First, mass immigration is not necessarily essential for the economic survival and prosperity of the West. True, the work they perform and money they infuse into pension systems can help assure that the generous welfare benefits for which Europe is generally known can continue to flow. But when one also looks at the benefits they immigrants tend to soak up prior to becoming established in their new homeland, the advantage their presence provides are vastly diminished, at least in the near- to mid- term. The West, as the wealthiest conglomerate of countries in the nation, can survive, it simply becomes incumbent upon them to reduce the almost comprehensive level of benefits provided to the general populace.

                This option may not appeal to most Europeans, but then the other option is to let in immigrants en masse. However, this option is destroying Europe culturally and demographically from within. Most immigrants are not assimilated in Europe not through overt racism or failure of the government and or local populace to accept them; rather it is the result of multiculturalism telling immigrants they don’t need to conform to the laws, customs, religious practices and social mores of the host country; no, they can continue to live just as they had in the region from whence they came, and it is the job of the local populace to accept them accordingly. It does not take a genius to readily determine that this leads to an inevitable altering of the host country, indeed a move away from the very cultural traits that have defined them for thousands of years in the first place. Once altered, the cultural and demographic composition of a nation is very difficult to ‘un-alter’. Consequently, with each arrival of a boat of Muslim or sub-Saharan migrants, Europe moves closer to the brink of completely and irrevocably losing its cultural and demographic heritage.

                Of particular concern is the composition of the majority of the migrants that are arriving these days. Contrary to the narrative mirrored in article after article in the MSM, nearly half of the migrants arriving are not Syrians or Afghans fleeing war; rather they are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, sub-Saharan African and others who are coming to Europe simply to ‘live the good life’ off of generous western governments’ welfare programs set up to treat the migrants ‘humanely’ while their applications for asylum are processed. Thus once again the fair observer can discount the multiculturalists argument that immigrants/migrants help invigorate the local economy. Instead, they prove to be a drain on already heavily strained government budgets, at the expense of the native taxpayer.

                This steady stream of migrants and mass immigration must be halted, or by the end of the century, our children and grandchildren can expect to hear the Muslim call to prayer when touring European cities rather than the toll of church bells; cities with famously low rates of violent crime will become as dangerous as any American inner-city (we have already seen the first manifestations in this change in cities like Malmo, Sweden, Marseille, France and numerous other municipalities); and eventually even a complete demographic eradication of the native population. It is time for Europeans to get off the fence and demonstrate against their governments’ open door policies, and in blunt terms, call for the eradication of multiculturalism as a paradigm to which they subscribe. And to fire one last parting shot at our European brethren, from which our ancestors sprang, they must learn to once again value the golden experience of having and raising children of their own in sufficient numbers so as not to leave themselves in such a demographically vulnerable lurch in the future. Otherwise, the metaphorical walls of ‘Fortress Europe’ will remain weak and vulnerable to ongoing attempts to breach them.

Alain Mircea

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