In battle, stay in the shadows and know your enemy

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

In battle, stay in the shadows and know your enemy
-Germanic Proverb

We live in changing times. Many of us spend our days vicariously absorbing selected media outlets and apathetically watching the American empire, rather the western world, evolve into something else. Dare I say crumble. We watch degenerate things and we watch people do degenerate things.

We see our culture being demonized, although many of us might not know or agree on what “our culture” means. We know we love our race and that serves as the beginning. At a basic level, that is what unites us.

We scratch the earth with a metaphorical plow, seeking to tend to the crops that will provide our families with food and the means to keep a roof over our head. In the old language, this was called Fehu. Fehu, from the Elder Futhark, means wealth, cattle, money. Fehu is a need for us all. Money unites us, at a basic level.

Existing in mainstream society while philosophically existing outside any accepted political party line, outside the fold of the Hollywood commie Zionist structure, we seek to live outside and apart from this. Yet we consume copious amounts of it through devices that are creating the cyborgs we are quickly becoming. What does it take to stand apart? What does it take to exist within the system, earn a sizable income, and work towards the preservation of that which we love, our race and our people?

It takes an average white man with a hard motive towards self improvement, and the ability to stay in the shadows.

-Leo Black

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