14th Annual Keystone United BBQ

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Activism, Uncategorized
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   June 13th started as any typical spring day, with the exception of an unbreakable bond of brotherhood enjoyed by so many year after year! For all who came out to help support this great event while feasting, enjoying live entertainment and family oriented fun, KU would like to thank your for your unwavering continued support!
As we are constantly reminded by narrow-mindedness, many people see events like this as hateful, yet seeing ear to ear smiles on our children’s faces splashing in the pool and non stop laughter throughout the day while being amongst trusted family is what our intent has ALWAYS been about! 
   As the warm spring day began, the entertainment did as well, with the spectacular variety of food and refreshments provided by friends and family, we soon were surprised by Danjul Norse as he took center stage! Carrying us into the days festivities with their great folkish sound, both young and old gathered around to enjoy an always solid performance! 
Upon finishing, it was time for a little friendly yet competitive boxing between brothers. Although the match was over within minutes and myself flat on my back, we ended with a hug and a photo as the dust settled, in a show of respect and honor! 
  Great conversation and traditional games such as Kubb kept the day going strong. By nightfall the time was upon us and  anticipation finally over for the highlight of the event, which to many was the lighting of the Valknut Rune!
  Although the Valknut runes true meaning is debated by both kindreds and historians alike, we partake as a showing of respect for sacrifices endured by our continued progress! Success in life was and will forever be earned through sheer determination and fortitude, with no excuses or second guessing of ones actions to help mold generation after generation of the best all around individuals in life!
This is why we set flame! Commemorating past examples of accomplishments by our forefathers continually helps guide us to future greatness for our people worldwide! Self reflection by many while watching the flames slowly die down was symbolic in that we shall never lose our eternal flame!
Physical fire always come to an end yet the blood from our ancestor’s sacrifice and memory of their perseverance will continue the live within us all and never cease to exist! Every year I’m reminded that no matter what those who wish us ill intent , say or do, we persevere!
  Once the moment of remembrance passed, I was reminded of how grateful I am to be surrounded by such solid honest people whom I gladly call family!
Although the night was coming to an end, the sounds some take for granted could still be heard. Our children playing without worry, fireworks brightening the night sky and men and women discussing everyday issues we face without those quick to judge and demonize our indifferences! No plotting or scheming, just family, folk, faith and freedom! Having the ability to enjoy things we create individually and to share them with whom we see fit is a natural raw emotion in us all and until we gain that very freedom back, our fight will continue accordingly! Those who distract us from such natural law are the very people who could never rely on themselves let alone have the character we have to endure our daily struggles! That being said, it was a great honor meeting both new faces and enjoying the company of old friends and look forward to the future we forge together! This years annual cookout had one of the biggest turnouts to date and reassures myself and others that our future is bright and possibilities of our success is endless for what is yet to come! See you next year!!!
-Pat rogers

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