Weathering The Storm

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Our current social climate in the United States is comparable to the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, which is a large storm that has been raging on that planet for 100’s of years. This storm is highly destructive but it is also highly predictable. Like all storms, the ingredients for disaster is a mixture of elements clashing together; high and low air pressure, moisture, temperature changes, etc. Alone these ingredients amount to nothing, but when forced to share the same space, they become a recipe for disaster. As such, the greater the diversity in any area, the greater the chance for destructive out-bursts of chaos expressed through the power of mother nature.

On Earth, these naturally destructive out-bursts can be predicted and its power can be measured, statistically recorded and studied, so that those who monitor the weather can inform the public of future activity. They broadcast their findings on public media in order to inform people of a potential disaster. With this information we can prepared to take the necessary steps in protecting ourselves, our families and our communities, from the ensuing storm that is raging just beyond our borders.

I see the recent “protests” in Baltimore as a storm that could easily make its way to other cities in no time. The diverse ingredients for disaster are present in ever major city across the US; high racial tension, low self esteem, with anger and resentment near a boiling point. We trust the media to warn us of potential natural disasters, we trust that they will properly inform the public so that we may protect ourselves from Mother Nature’s wrath. But what if the media omits information and the public becomes a dramatic stage to boost ratings and exacerbate preexisting, unresolved issues that have gone ignored for the sake of civility?

We understand race, we understand religion, we understand sex and gender roles, we understand that these are ways to identify who we are and where we belong. Human beings are naturally comfortable with their own. Therefore, they will defend their own in order to have a more comfortable living situation now and in the future.

The weather is always changing but it is predictable, we know that it will never rain pellets of iron, we know blood will never pour from the clouds, we understand that it snows in the winter and rains more often in the spring. Weather is always changing, but its changes are predictable. So why are we shocked? Why are we surprised when a snow storm buries a city in the middle of January? Why do we act as though we didn’t see it coming? Even when a meteorologist warns us of several inches of snow, you will still find people stranded in their vehicles on the side of the road.

We ignore the legitimate warnings of a coming blizzard, denying the truth because we just want to get on with our lives.
If we deny the truth broadcasted by the media, how will we react to evidence that the media lies by omission? We react with levels of denial that are astonishing.

During a press conference about the rioting in the city of Baltimore, The Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said; “We gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well.”

This is a black female leader of a predominately black city. The local police were instructed to “stand down” in order to give those who wished to destroy, a safe space to do exactly that. The police were caught targeting reporters, not rioters, in order to keep the Mayor’s order to “stand down” under wraps. This is proof that the riots in Baltimore are being legitimized by the ruling political party there. The evidence here shows me, that the leaders of Baltimore have a sense of solidarity with the people who are currently destroying their very own city, under the pretense of oppression and racism.

 Mayor Rawlings-Blake  approves of civil unrest and those who are rioting now feel entitled to do so, without any sense of accountability.

The actions taken by the rioters in Baltimore, coupled with the inaction of the Mayor, tells me that there is a sense of entitlement in the black community that will spread like a storm to all cities in the US. This entitlement was born on the presumption that blacks are the victims of a ubiquitous and unseen oppression, an oppression where one must take a believers stance,  especially when you examine the current state of violence between blacks and whites. The faithful believe, that the black community is under the thumb of privileged whites, who are systematically oppressing them.
The evidence found in interracial crime, police brutality, and other uncomfortable truths that do not fit the media narrative of black victimization, have been purposefully omitted from public knowledge. I will not bore you with crime statistics. If you are curious, look into it yourself, I will not do the work for you, nor will I waste too much time on this point; black on white crime is overwhelming in comparison to the opposite. The police, regardless of the race of the officer,  have brutalized and killed more white people than blacks. White women have been victims of interracial rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence while their black counterparts have not seen anything comparable. These are truths, but because the media omits these truths in order to maintain the popular narrative of racism,  the level of denial is astonishing.

This narrative is not only found in our news media, it is also alive and well in the entertainment media and in academia. The theory of “White privilege” born in the realm of academia,  nation-wide news coverage of potential “hate-crimes”, and the omission of all racially motivated crimes with white victims,  has set the stage for racially motivated riots. Because of the hierarchical attack on white America, from the intellectuals to the flow of  public information, white folks have become soft and permissible when faced with rioting blacks. While blacks feel they are entitled to physically and psychologically attack white folks, because whites are the symbol of racism and power in this country. 

When Obama sends representatives to morn the death of a black man at the hands of the police, not once but twice, and when he proudly expressed his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case to the entire nation, the President is sending a  message of solidarity with the black community as a whole.

When the black President of the United States sends a message of solidarity with the black community, how is that not a symbol of black privilege?

When the black Mayor of Baltimore orders police to stand down, granting a safe space for “those who wish to destroy”,  how is that not a symbol of black privilege?  Ironically, this privilege is something whites could only dream of having. This confusion over the power dynamic in America was not set into motion by mistake. The denial of truth and the belief in white privilege are at an astonishing level.

Once something is believed to be true, all of the facts and evidence in the world will not change a person’s belief.

These riots, backed by the ruling class, is an expression of that belief. The only course of action is for white folks to understand that they are the scapegoat of America. We have to make white folks believe in a positive white identity. We have the facts, we know the truth, now we have to believe.
The only way to weather the storm is by believing in ourselves, by re-establishing and removing the stigma attached to our white identity, by believing in our future, and by coming together in the face of adversity for the betterment of our folk.
Blacks, although misinformed, have come together to fight what they believe to be “the power” over them. Even rival gangs “the bloods and the crips” have put their differences aside to fight against their believed oppressor. This is the type of cohesion we need, I am not advocating for riots, I am advocating for pro-white advocacy. If we do not advocate for our interests, we will be blown away by a racially conscience and racially united storm that has been brewing for years.

Whether you want to believe it or not, this is our reality. They have forced our hand, whites must unite as a whole to take the necessary steps in protecting ourselves, our families and our communities. If we continue to deny this truth, we will be swept away into the dustbin of history by a giant red storm.

Pun intended.


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