9th Annual MDS Show Review

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Shows

mds show

Saturday, March 28th brought us the “9th Annual St. Patty’s Day Show” courtesy of MDS, a show and gathering much anticipated by the white nationalist/white rights community. It was well attended, with members of MDS, KU, Traditionalist Youth Network and other groups as well as both new and familiar faces coming together for good music, good food and drink, and most importantly, camaraderie and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

         The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a set of familiar favorites by the acoustic duo “Activist”. Next up, the music turned hard and heavy with a set by the Michigan-based band “Major Disappointment’’, which they were anything but!! The high energy level of their hardcore/oi songs led to the start of more than one pit! Following this, Matt Heimbach of the “Traditionalist Youth Network” took the mic and made an impassioned speech, pointing out that the time has come for white people of all religions to stand up together to fight that which intends to destroy us and our culture! It was truly a stirring presentation.

                 Ending the evening, “Activist” once again took the mic, playing songs that called for audience participation, as well as an original tune. They ended the night by playing the “Marshall Tucker Band” song “Fire on the Mountain” in honor of our brother Richmond Tom, who unfortunately could not be with us to perform it himself. A touching moment, indeed.

A great time was had by everyone in attendance. Thanks and kudos to MDS, Rick Indie/ Label 56 and all who made the event possible. I’m already looking forward to next year!!

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