The Deconstruction Of European Households

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

                I’m sure we can all remember a much simpler time in which our neighborhoods were filled with laughing children, playing games such as kick the can or hide and seek instead of sitting inside reading the latest Hollywood gossip story, playing video games or worse, out involving themselves with drugs and gangs instead of sports…..which so kindly were introduced to said communities by the same hypocrite’s whom hide behind gated communities far from those they forced upon us! But to understand why things have gotten to this point we must first realize and understand the very things that have made our once thriving neighborhoods into abandon slums!

                Before the industrial revolution took hold by the turn of the 19th century, ethnic European’s flourished and created many of the great things we enjoy today. Families had their own identity and traditions which embodied each individual community….whether German, Irish, Polish or many other great nationalities, you knew in which would encapsulate you in so many great way’s! Morality, pride, honesty, integrity and a sense of hard work came 2nd nature as did the foods, music and block festivals enjoyed by the people who made it great. Nationalistic pride wasn’t looked down upon, yet embraced and this undying dedication to those around us went without question as everyone knew one another and in turn, helped in times of distress. They were tough individuals who bled for these freedoms and without question would and have done it time and time again for loved ones to continue the previously mentioned day to day antics enjoyed by everyone! Even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice, one would give that to their fellow brother in arms and little did our brethren know, jealousy rampant amongst weak spineless snakes watching closely as supposed “friend’s” would exploit our sense of brotherhood and fearlessness for the purpose of wealth! As for us European’s, their thoughts could easily sway us into meaningless endeavors. As for things such as FAMILY, it is our folk’s greatest treasure and it is why we’ve fell for the same game over and over for centuries and longer! Our true purpose for these times were to produce families who no longer had to endure war or famine yet the wolf and sheep’s clothing had always been luring close by! Whether helping a neighbor put up a barn or fence to protect their livestock and even working 16 hr. days without more than a 5 minute water break was living the dream to us. No distractions, very little politics and justice were swift and fitting of the crimes. I take pride in learning the history of these men and women who, from straight off of the boat from Europe to a foreign land, were thrown into a conflict for others interests! Yet like their forefathers before them, the serpent knew our kinsmen would heed the call to arms for the betterment of what we thought to be not just bettering our future’s, but for what they could gain for future generations of European settlers like you see before yourself today reading this. This link provided is yet a glimpse into many battles our great warriors fought for pigs but never the less will give you a better understanding of the hardships they faced, yet without pause fought to the death and in many cases sadly amongst brothers and cousins who came before them and fought on opposite sides in the American Civil War. European immigrants coming to a new land a few years later, with no prospects or money to feed their starving children naturally fought and were persuaded by money and false hopes of land by the North! Countless amounts of our ancestor’s blood was spilled on American soil and for what? And for who’s gain?? Like all wars both past and present, who has reaped the benefits of European men dying for so-called “noble” causes or honor for their country? It certainly hasn’t been the same men and women who died fighting such wars! We all know who has, yet I’ll waste no time to mention such snakes! The Nine Noble Virtues that are in us all, will both be our greatest strengths but detrimental if continually exploited and misused by the few who use our good nature for their personal gains and warrior spirit!

 Another example of many sacrifices by our ancestors was the building of one of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD

                Why did they do such things without worry and what would come of such sacrifice for themselves? To sit back and see the smiles of the children as they gazed upon such great accomplishments, such as the Hoover Dam! The land worked so hard by selfless men is being squandered away by generations lost in the old ways of our people! In order for our families to reap the benefits of generations past, we must instill such wisdom into our future generations so this madness and entitlement thinking will stop those they loved enough to make it to a better tomorrow. One in which has seemed to all but slip away because of the constant distractions and corruption amongst our people! The very seed that was meant to further pursue a better life for our folk is fading and we must look to ourselves in everyday life to bring back such mind-set.We need to stop sending our children to fight and die in these meaningless wars, so that our New Dawn will rise PERIOD! These countries we otherwise would never be affected by neither positively or negatively, are cast as invaders of our livelihood, by the very snakes that have misled us for far too many years. These are the very people that have used and hurt us throughout the centuries more times than anyone. All to benefit the pockets of such people who wish our ultimate destruction! So instead of sending our bravest men and women to fight such battles, we need our men and women to teach our children as our people once taught their own from generation to generation! To be self-sufficient and to not have to look for help from those who wish to hurt us the most, we must use patience and knowledge and learn from past mistakes. And not to allow Mother’s and Father’s to die and allow a complete Communist system, from schools to hospitals to raise them for us, which have led to the problems and many issues our households face today! We must follow the words of our fore-fathers and defend our OWN NATION’S interests when threatened, not a Nation that could possibly attack or because others feel it necessary! From Dresden to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all Communist countries in between, we have been misled to fight and die for other’s interests at the cost of countless Aryan men, women and children, NO MORE! We’ve lost COUNTLESS because of our warrior spirit leading the way for cowards and we must stop immediately if we wish a continued success!! Stop your children from dying in such wars, than this alone will bring back our glorious day’s in which we thrived in our own nations and communities. Our children know integrity and morality, courteousness and determination so let’s point them in the right directions for our own Folk’s goals and not the fulfillment of our enemy’s false tongue! Our progress and our Kindred’s resurgence are upon us and it is up to us alone to act accordingly for our people throughout our European Homelands to enjoy a positive bright future for our children and their children as well for communities to survive. We need our warriors to guard over the flock, not die for the benefits of the spineless! Let us give our future generations the life our Ancestor’s wished us to live and finally come together as a true community of many.

-Patrick Rogers

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