The Incompatibility Of Empathy And Ideology

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I read recently that a 23 year old woman was beaten to death outside of a nightclub in California. That in-itself is disturbing, but what I find to be particularly despicable, is that the police are asking for witness’ cell phones in hopes of gaining some video evidence. What that means is people were waiting in line to get into this club, recorded this girl’s last moments on earth as she was being mauled to death by her fellow citizens, and did nothing to help her.

This got me thinking; is the modern world a civilized world?

When I think of modern man I think of an individual. Nothing says modernity like individualism and in my opinion, swayed by stories like the one I have mentioned above, individualism is uncivilized and it permeates many levels of our society. It is the creator of a disingenuous altruism, tolerance based only on social approval, and the lack of an ability to criticize. These are symptoms of a society in the process of being destroyed by the “feel good” philosophy of liberal egalitarianism.
But the irony of liberal egalitarianism is that this type of hyper-individualistic society also creates blind conformity; the paradox of modernity.
Let me try to explain the means to my seemingly illogical ends here. 

Any form of intolerance that falls outside of the leftist narrative is considered “hate speech”, which creates a conformist way of thinking.

Take celebrities for instance, like Angelina Jolie, her humanitarianism is fake. She says all the right things, donates to all the right charities and supports all the right causes, but is she really a humanitarian or are these “efforts” just for show? Are these 3rd world adopted children just status symbols in a world of political correctness? There are plenty of children in the US who could use good foster parents, but when a celebrity adopts from places like Malaysia, their social status climbs a bit higher than if they had adopted a poor piece of white trash from West Virginia.
Plus, I’m sure adopting a 3rd world child helps remove some of the guilt when purchasing those high-priced designer clothes manufactured with child labor, It’s just an ego boost without compromise.

Another Celebrity that comes to mind is that Russel Brand fellow, he is worth millions, yet he recently made headlines for calling for the redistribution of wealth while stating that “Profit is despicable.” I wonder, will he redistribute his millions made by profiting from the movies he has been involved with?
This exposes the fact that his brand of Humanitarianism is also fake and driven by his ego and the need to be socially accepted.

This raises another question; Is modern society truly a tolerant one, or is it’s tolerance pre-approved by what is socially acceptable? 

Modern society is sliding toward religious intolerance, but this type of intolerance is pre-approved,
as long as you disapprove of an intolerant religion, but again, that religion also has to be pre-approved for social critique. 

Confusing, I know.

But let me explain.

For example; gay marriage and abortion are issues related to Christianity and its “oppressive nature”.

Because, as the Left sees it,  it infringes on personal freedom and the rights of the individual. 

But then again, all religion, tradition, or any form of social conservatism could be categorized as such. 

Ask yourself, when a group of ant-traditionalists, leftists, feminists, Marxists or any other self righteous modern liberal, opposes the “oppressive nature” of religion or tradition are they consistent in their critique? For instance; if Pussy Riot had vandalized a Mosque or a Synagogue, would they receive the same seal of social approval? 

Of course not. Most would find their prison sentence to be suitable for their islamaphobic or anti-semetic behavior. It wouldn’t matter that Jews and Muslims both share the same sentiment as Christians pertaining to gay marriage and abortion, because destroying a church is cool and edgy, but destroying a non-Christian place of worship is hate.
To me, this is bullying, Christians are not protected under the de facto laws of political correctness while Jews and Muslims are, simply because they are not of the West, so the “dissident” left will tolerate the intolerant behavior of Jews and Muslims.

Muslims are responsible for an overwhelming amount of rape in the Scandinavian countries that have opened their borders to them. They have also been involved with under-age sex slavery in the UK, have murdered women for being victims of rape, and have beheaded homosexuals for their lifestyle choices, not to mention the beheading of Lee Rigby, who was a military officer.
I wonder, during all of this “intolerable behavior”, where are the feminists and gay rights activists, not to mention the government officials who should be taking action?
They are nowhere to be found, because the current cultural situation is more tyrannical and ubiquitous then one might think.

Rabbis have even gotten in on the fun. Some were involved with child pornography, yet the morally superior leftists and their mouthpiece; the mainstream media,  have ignored these crimes to highlight how some Christian priests are pedophiles, also disgusting. But where is Pussy Riot or organizations like FEMEN to show their disgust towards sex slavery and child porn? Where are the leftist protesters to confront such sexism and homophobia found in Islam and the Jewish religions? They are no where to be found, not only because they are distracted by their hate for Christianity, but also because the current cultural situation is more tyrannical and ubiquitous then one might think.

The only consistency I find in modern liberal ethics is its complete inability to show empathy towards anything other than their ideology.

Any sane person can see that the culture produced by liberal egalitarianism is totally destructive to the West, completely unnatural, and that it places value on anything outside of Traditional Western values, while celebrating and romanticizing “the outsider”.
This is all based on the manipulation and loose interpretation of freedom, equality and tolerance.

To combat this we need to support any and all pro-Western Civilization activists who are consistent on every level concerning the posterity of our people and our place in the world.

People of the Modern West are lead to believe that race, tradition, organic culture, and religion have no place in the modern world driven by a hypocritical and degenerative pop-culture.
As aforementioned, the modernist is a proud “humanitarian” who wears it on their sleeve like an expensive accessory made in Malaysia, yet refuse to find themselves in opposition to anything, even rape, if it conflicts with the current social construct. They are tolerant of all individuals and their decadent behavior, yet remain intolerant of tradition or any construct that may place social restraint on the whims of their individual freedom while disregarding the health of society as a whole.

If it feels good, do it! As long as it’s not to me.
This is why that 23yr old girl from California was murdered in front of a night club with many witnesses. People will only take action against something if it makes them “look good” while doing it, hence the existence of many videos that may have some evidence that leads to her killers, but not a single hero that stood-up to help her, which would have lead to her salvation.
I am willing to bet that if she was being attacked for “politically correct” reasons, there would be plenty of “good samaritans” to help.
You see, it’s kind of like that movie “They Live”, where people are only able to identify who is human, by wearing the glasses issued to them by dogmatic liberalism.

Our civilization is falling apart. It is degenerating because there is no natural or moral cohesion.  No organic component to hold it all together. Today, our culture is replaced with one suggested to the people through media. Therefore, we have celebrity worship, trendy life-styles, and narcissistic behavior.

What I am trying to say here is; liberalism claims to come from a place of love and tolerance, but they only love themselves and tolerate their own ideas.
The liberal world is dangerous, not only because it’s incompatible with Traditional Western culture and values, but because it’s driven by the ego of individuals and is incompatible with all tradition, culture and values.

-Brian Tobin


  1. Oscar Yeager says:

    Excellent article bro. The left literally lives in a fantasy world, they preach tolerance, but only if you agree with their point of view, if not it’s “HATE”. I truly believe liberalism is a sickness, a mental disorder that will one day be classified along with bi-polar and schizophrenia. Keep fighting Bros!

  2. Patrick Rogers says:

    Nicely presented….great read

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