The Relative Truth Of Liberalism

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
The United States of America is a nation built by the philosophy of the Enlightenment, this nation was born modern and liberal, and despite many leftist’s accusations, it’s far from a right-wing project.

The Founding Fathers constructed the constitution to protect freedom and equality, which are two left-wing ideas, therefore the American conservative is a liberal in the classical sense.

Have you ever heard the phrase “today’s liberal is tomorrow’s conservative”?

Some may think that conservatism comes with age and maturity, this is partly true, but that is not the take-home point of this old phrase.
“Today’s liberal is tomorrow’s conservative”, means that with liberalism being in constant motion to the left, yesterday’s liberal is one with old “conservative” ideas in the eyes of today’s leftist youth. In order for anything to stand the test of time, to last throughout the ages, it must be defined, easily identified and understood without long debatable definitions. What it means to be an American, a citizen, a conservative, a liberal, a racist, a sexist, a fascist etc. are all up for debate and have several hotly contested definitions, depending on when and who you talk to.
This is relative truth, and this is what “defines” America and American politics.

This neo-reactionary can more eloquently explain the point I am trying to make.
In a short video here

Liberalism is popular because liberalism is a relative truth that seeks to make everyone feel good by maintaining that all opinions, wants, religions, and cultures are equally valid.

When there is no absolute truth(as described in the video I linked above), and no purpose other than “the pursuit of happiness” and to protect the notion that “all men are created equal”, in order to be more accommodating to any individual’s pursuit of happiness, there really is no where to go from there, except farther to the left or more liberal.
This sounds well and fine, except when someone’s pursuit of happiness conflicts with yours.
This sounds well and fine, except when someone else feels they aren’t treated equally to you.
This is the greatest cause of conflict and the driving force behind all political discourse in America.
This is why liberalism continues to slide left, because there will always be someone who feels that they aren’t being treated equally to you, or who aren’t as happy as you are.
With equality and the pursuit of happiness being the goal of our civilization, standards get lowered instead of raised, simply because there are more lazy, stupid, and irresponsible people, than there are exceptionally smart, ambitious and strong people.

The latter are hated because the former are envious of those who are naturally better.
So, our society became driven by envy, and focused on protecting the ego of jealous losers, instead of focusing on protecting what/who is valuable in an ever evolving civilization.
Instead of congratulating better people, for making better choices, we shame them for their “privilege” and (specific to this article) accuse them of silly things like oppressing fat people, but the over-weight oppress themselves with their own poor choices.

We chose equality because it’s a numbers game, safety in numbers is liberal democracy, where quantity beats quality every time and because of that, our civilization is steadily devolving.
Think about it, this nation hasn’t seen much growth, except in pant size.

These modern liberals aren’t challenging hierarchy, they are just turning it up-side down.
The most “oppressed” people sit at the top of the hierarchy, and their every demand is met in the name of “equality”, which is just a passive aggressive way to protect their poor choices, their over-weight asses and their egos.

Sympathizing with the poor choices of the over-weight or a child predator and turning them into victims is a dangerous and completely deranged idea, but when the pursuit of happiness and equality are at the foundation of a civilization, only a archaic thinker, or a conservative will stand in opposition to these progressive thinkers at the New York times and their sympathy for pedophiles.

Like I’ve said before, liberalism is constantly moving to the left, their efforts include; turning fat people into victims of social norms, turning ugly pieces of “self expression” into art, turning pedophiles into victims of their lack of self control, and turning violent criminals into victims of police brutality.

Remember the “blacklivesmatter” mantra of the left? There has been a counter argument, one that would logically fit the liberal narrative of equality, and that counter argument is “alllivesmatter” but ironically, they have been slandered by those who support “equality”. I guess some people truly are more equal than others in the eyes of the progressive liberal.

Liberalism uses reverse psychological manipulation.
As the author of “The Redneck Manifesto”, Jim Goad said: “It’s not disgusting acts that are frowned upon, it’s those who are disgusted by them.” This is a logical fallacy and it is used to protect freedom, happiness and equality. 

But I digress, I feel I have made my point rather clear.

What is the answer to all of this? Where do we go from here?

I don’t even want to pretend that I have all of the answers, but I fully understand that liberalism must be stopped if we want a healthy future for our children. A future where they can live without fear of child predators and those who sympathize with them.

In my humble opinion; Tradition, hierarchy, and an understanding of the absolute truth; that culture is an organic expression of a people and that expression is reflected in the civilizations that they build. This is a sane, rational and logical approach to human understanding. Liberalism is in denial of this truth, it prefers the relative, an approach that proclaims all humans are blank slates and that all cultures are interchangeable. Ironically, these are the very ideas that are destroying human culture, identity, and diversity in favor of a global hegemony.

Pursuing equality, happiness and freedom have gotten us here, and this is an ugly place. I think it’s time for us to become reacquainted with our roots, our traditions and therefore ourselves.

-Brian Tobin

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