Poverty and racism not fueling “black violence”

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Activism



It is getting very tiresome to hear so-called black “civil rights” leaders and their white liberal lackeys attempt to excuse the high levels of black violence on poverty and racism.

I guess they conveniently overlook the fact that black violent crime has increased as the black poverty rate has dropped.

Also, if racism causes crime, why is it that the black crime rate was far less during the days of Jim Crow than it is today?

When all things are considered, blacks have enjoyed far more benefits from their association with whites than they have endured “oppression.” Blacks, living in the United States, have a higher standard of living, better educational and employment opportunities, and more civil rights than any black population in Africa.

Whites have no reason to feel guilty about being white. And blacks need to stop listening to “oppressed” millionaires like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and heed the words of intelligent men such as Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell.

-Steve Smith

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