8th Annual Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


This past Saturday Keystone United successfully held its 8th Annual Leif Erikson Day Event. 

With roughly 30 people in attendance to the march to the Thorfinn Karlsefni statue on Kelly Dr, raising our flags as high as we could. We honored Leif Erikson the first European to set foot on American soil. As we gathered around the statue our speakers spoke on Leif Erikson’s determination, his courage, how Leif Erikson’s historical voyages have and still impact our lives to this very day. 


After a victorious march to the statue we gathered our belongings and met with others to continue our celebration. Here we had met with family, friends, and enjoyed acoustic folk music and dance. For future Leif Erikson Events we are looking to focus on keeping this a family event where our women, children, and fellow Norse followers can continue to attend and enjoy this day. As the size of families increase and we join forces with others we are looking to increase the number of attendees and be able to enjoy a day that is celebrated all across America.

We in Keystone United would like to thank our family, friends, supporters, and everyone who helped make this Annual Leif Erikson Day celebration event a huge success.

See you all next year!

  1. jsprague1498@verizon.net says:

    Good job bros, I attended the 3rd or 4th Leif march and it was a great.

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