Illegal Immigration Protest

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Activism


  On July 19, 2014 members of Keystone United (K.U) and the European American  Action Coalition (E.A.A.C) participated in a nationwide protest against Illegal Immigration.

The “Overpass rally”, organized by Lackawanna County Republican Committee’s 112th District Chairman Mary Ann Benitez, took place in Moosic Pa. on the Davis St Bridge which passes over Interstate 81. The event brought over 40 patriots together from as far as Philadelphia and New Jersey with the intentions of raising awareness of the massive surge of Illegal Immigrants flooding into our country and neighborhoods with the help  and aid of the federal government.         

The rally started at approximately 12:00pm, within one hour the Davis St. bridge had been decorated with flags, posters, signs and banners to be seen by the motorists traveling below and across the overpass. The reaction from the motorists were very positive from honking horns, to thumbs ups, to people yelling out of their vehicle windows in support. A handful of these motorists traveling on the overpass pulled over to talk to us, show support and to get more information. A few individuals even pulled over and parked their vehicles and joined us in the protest!

The overpass rally was a complete success. We set out to bring attention to the massive invasion of illegal immigrants into our country, and in doing so we also had the opportunity to meet new like-minded people and had the chance to share many ideas and opinions.

eaac 3

A special thank you goes out to Mary Ann Benitez  and all the other patriots who traveled from far and near to make this event a success. Please keep your eyes opened for future events in our area and through out the state of Pennsylvania.

-Ryan Wojtowicz

  1. Stacy says:

    Nicely written Ryan. It was definitely a great time and I enjoyed taking photos of the event.

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