Non-beneficial Alliances

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

     On this past June 21st, a small group from a local KKK faction decided to stage a “Freedom of Speech/Literature Drive” in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their 8 man rally, held in front of the local library branch, was met by many upset neighbors and an approximate 30 dregs representing Philly’s anti-racist/anti-fascist groups. The latter groups, proving themselves once again to be a crude, disorganized rabble who are vehemently anti-white/anti-free speech.

     Keystone United has been asked why none of its members showed up to support the Klansman. After all, we’re “all on the same page”, right?? No! The Klan’s event was held in response to one of its members being kicked out of the local Town-watch group (a citizens crime prevention group that reports possible criminal activity to the police), when the group’s leaders discovered he was responsible for mass Klan literature distribution, in direct conflict with one of the groups rules which stated that members were to promote “harmony within the neighborhood”. Keystone United is a group whose purpose is to enlighten our fellow white men and women while putting them back in touch with their racial identity, which we hope will eventually bring about a much needed unity and sense of common purpose between all white ethnic groups living within this country. Literature distribution can be tricky, especially in a mixed racial neighborhood. We tend to hand out literature to individuals who may be receptive to our message. The Klansman mentioned not only distributed literature by placing it under peoples windshield wipers, not knowing the race of the recipient, but distributed literature with outdated slogans (“Save the land, Join the Klan”) and imagery (the Klansman mounted on a horse!!). This type of leaflet was big in the 70’s but is nothing that will catch on with urban white people in 2014. Furthermore, having people of other races find this type of thing on their cars as they leave for work does NOTHING for your group or cause!! Leaflets that address the crime in your neighborhood are fine, but once you add the Klansman image you’ve negated whatever effectiveness that leaflet may have had. Keystone United does not believe in using any forms of overt imagery that can be construed as racist. Many of the problems that we try to address (crime, drug abuse, domestic violence, abuses by the government, the threat of communism, etc.) are problems faced by all races, not just whites, but of course our main concern is how these problems affect our own people and the areas in which they live. If a leaflet we handed out gave some type of positive advice to a member of another racial group, that’s great! Now if that same leaflet had some type of extreme racist symbol or slogan on it, its positive message would be lost. A group that hopes to use this type of imagery for recruiting and spreading its message is mired in the past… and no one with whom Keystone United will ally themselves.

     The fact that no members of our group showed up in support of the Klan that day did not stop the previously mentioned Antifa members from visiting the home of one of our own who lives in the Tacony section and doing their usual silly act, jumping around and chanting, screaming for the member to come out of his house (the member was away that weekend!). They also attempted to talk to some of the neighbors, informing them of why they were there and their neighbor’s affiliation with Keystone United. I suppose they assumed the neighbors would go in to their houses, come back out with pitchforks and torches and drive the offending neighbor away. Contrary to this, our member reports that the neighbors seemed not to have cared at all. Let’s see… a bunch of screaming, chanting dimwits, some wearing bandannas across their faces to hide their identities, screaming obscenities in front of the neighborhood children, show up in front of the home of a person whose lived in the neighborhood for 18 years and proceed to tell his neighbors how bad he is?? A person whose caused no problems and kept to himself?? The Antis saw themselves as “crusaders”, the neighborhood saw them as masked troublemakers who they were glad to see leave!! Another epic fail on their part, but would we expect anything else??

  1. Werwolf says:

    I completely agree with you, the terror tactics propagated by the Klan and other skinhead groups do not work! In fact, they do much more harm than good. We are fighting a culture war, our approach should continue to be metapolitical using culture, tradition, values, and love for our people and way of life as our weapons, not hate or violence. Hate and violence are the Hollywood versions of pro-white advocacy, anything remotely resembling these characteristics must be purged from our cause because they will be used against us. We can still hate the state of our nation, we can still be opposed to the violence that befalls our people but lashing-out (like the antifa has done to one of your members) makes people uncomfortable. Creating a safe-space for our people, by simply making them feel like they are not alone out there, goes a long way. Besides, violent action only attracts weirdos with offensive lifestyles and criminal records, something pro-white advocates need to separate themselves from. I know some older skinheads who have been around a very long time, might think this is cowardice, but if you think about it; that’s a very long time of doing nothing productive for white nationalism.

  2. Stacy says:

    Must be nice to not have a life where they have to lower themselves to harrassment and stuipidity.

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