MDS 8th Annual St.Patty’s Day Show

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Activism, Shows
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After a pretty cold and snowy winter here in Maryland as well as most of the east coast, the sun managed to break it`s way through for a beautiful weekend to celebrate the 8th Annual MDS St Patty`s Show.
Joined by members of Keystone United as well as many local friends, the show kicked off early Saturday evening with Richmond Tom taking the forefront. This was his second year playing and he went right into his set without fault. For the next 45 minutes he kept the crowd going with some classic RAC songs as well as some country rock and more including 1916 and Waltzing Matilda. Throughout his set he was joined by members of Activist as well as a performing a great duet with his wife for the song Suddenly. His set ended with all the musicians singing together the song Ode To A Dying People.
After a short break Activist set up and opened with their set. This was their third year playing and they once again performed above and beyond. They covered many songs including A New Day Arises, Ocean Of Warriors, One Day, Nordland, Wasted Life and more.
Following their set, Brian from Keystone United said a few words giving a moving memorial to their fellow club brother and friend of ours Joe who passed away suddenly last month. A moment of silence was held and then the guys from Empire Falls started setting up. They have played the show 5 or 6 times now and I`ve been saying for years that these guys do the best live show I’ve seen. Playing some of their classics like War Is Inevitable, The Underdogs, Where the Wild things Are as well as newer songs like Kali Yuga, they had the place riled up. Bryan walked around throughout the people gathered at the front and gladly lent his mic to everyone singing the choruses. Sadly the night had to eventually end but as always this was a great time with great friends. I can`t wait till next years show.

mds st pattys day

  1. Eric Cook says:

    Is it possibly to join your organization ? I am from Pittsburgh.

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