7th Annual Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Activism

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 Since 2007 we have gathered at Fairmount Park, annually, to celebrate Leif Erikson Day.  This year, things were no different.  For the last several years, Anarcho-Communist protestors have vowed to stop the event in the process, and even prevent the celebration altogether; and once again failed to do so.  With letting nothing stop us, we did what we set out to achieve.

 As we arrived on Lemon Hill Drive, we were met by several journalist as well as protestors.  Just like years prior: a variety of shouts, insults and death threats were hurled our way from the side of the marxists and other leftist.  New to their crowd this year was a small group of men dressed in drag.  Expecting to offend and annoy the participants;  yet only providing a great deal of sexist and gay jokes; and a ton of laughs from us.

 We began the march down to the statue on Kelly Dr., same as always; and the hate mongers began to group themselves in front of the band of marchers in attendance to celebrate their heritage and culture.  The protestors gathered by the dozens as we started our trek when the police officers in attendance began gathering behind us and asked us to wait until they were able to make everything calm to continue walking to the statue.  when it was clear that the protestors would not cooperate with the law-enforcement present, we began our walk through their crowds toward the statue without any more than shouts of obscenity and mere empty threats of violence.  When we got to the statue we began our usual process of speeches as we’ve done every year, and without incident I might add. 


 Below is the speech given from one member of Keystone United.  Take notice to the words of his “hate speech”,

“Throughout the ages, from the time that mankind could first set sail across the vast oceans, many cultures throughout the world have ventured forth to find new lands for various purposes.  Whether to gain wealth, land or knowledge, a man’s quest to see what lays over the horizon fed the growth of many a culture.  The Chinese, Polynesians, and Egyptians where known to have sailed forth from their homes in search of land and trade, but I feel it’s safe to say that no people wee more prolific in these types of endeavors then the various inhabitants of the European continent!

Today we gather to pay tribute to two such European inhabitants.  In the year 1000, Leif Erikson, son of Erik the Red set out from Greenland to explore a land that he briefly glimpsed after he was blown off course in his travels.  Following a route laid out by Bjarni Herjolfsson, another sailor who had landed at what is now known as Baffin Island, sailed down to Labrador and then to Newfoundland which he called “Vinland”.  There he camped until the next spring, sailing back to Greenland with lumber, grapes…and tales of a land of great possibilities!

Three years later, after being persuaded by Leif to continue the explorations, Thorfinn Karlsefni along with his wife Gudrid, sailed forth to Vinland with three ships and one hundred and thirty people.  Once landfall was made they set about building a settlement, where they engaged in haymaking, hunting and fishing.  The colony only lasted three years but saw a historic event, the birth of the first European on North American soil, Thorfinn and Gudrid’s son, Snorri.  Due to increasingly hostile encounters with the unsettled tribes in the area, the settlement was abandoned and the colonist that survived returned to Greenland. 

Although these Nordic voyages took place almost 500 years before Columbus’s travels would herald in the European “Age of Discovery”, they helped fuel the imaginations of countless other fledgling “explorers” who ventured forth from the security of their homes in search of fame and fortune in distant lands only heard of in stories and legends.  The same sense of wonder and curiosity experienced by our ancestors at the thought of new vistas is evidenced in this day and age with space and deep sea exploration.

Whether our eyes are cast towards the heavens or out to sea, with the blood of these bold European explorers coursing through our veins, who is to say where our future will lead?”


 After the multiple speeches that were given, all except one being spur-of-the-moment words from random participants, we walked calmly back to our vehicles; despite further threats of violence and death from anti-white hordes. We in Keystone United would like to thank everyone that came out to make our 7th Annual Leif Erikson day Celebration such a great success. We hope to see everyone once again next year!

“For those of you who saw the small clip of this speech on Fox29, here is the speech in its entirety”


* More videos and pictures to be added later

  1. Andrew J. Mulher says:


  2. Brien James says:

    Was a great day Great speech by the KSS brother. See you next year.

  3. njvsc says:

    Great job! Next time bring a few large dogs to keep the opposition at bay, and a slightly louder PA system.

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