“ACTIVIST” Interview

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Activism, Shows, Uncategorized


“Activist” a new and upcoming band with members from Pennsylvania all the way to Ohio.

Can you say your name and what you do in the band?

Dirk: Thanks for having us, we are excited to have our first interview. I am Dirk the singer, Ryan is our guitarerro, Darrin is our drumstick killer, Ajax is our main man on the bass and the second guitarist is still in question.

How did “Activist” form?

Dirk: Once upon a time Rick from Label56 asked if I would play his annual St. Patrick’s Day show in Baltimore and would introduce me to a talented guitar player named Ryan. We met the day before the show and practiced all night in a hotel. We connected pretty well and decided to continue, first under the name “Acta Non Verba”( Action Not Words) which later changed to “Activist”. We had to change the line up a couple times due to distance problems. Darrin stayed with us at the end and we were glad that Ajax came along recently.

Ryan: Talented guitarist? haha, I wouldn’t say that…Everything came together because of our friends at Label56. One day I was asked to play guitar for a musician from Germany at the annual St. Patrick’s Day show in Baltimore and I agreed. The show went well considering neither of us played acoustic music, well maybe once or twice I played an acoustic set, but hell, I didn’t even own an acoustic guitar at the time. Dirk was the vocalist of a RAC style band with hardcore influence. So it was definitely an experience for both of us.

For those who have never listened to “Activist”, can you give us a few words to describe the sound?

Dirk and Ryan: Our music is hard to describe basically because we are working on our own style. We have decided to still play our acoustic set, which most people seem to enjoy.

“Activist” has played a few recent shows, can you tell me how things went?

Dirk and Ryan: Yes, we have played in Baltimore and Altoona. With the exception of one song during the Altoona show which we were suppose to play as a full band; ended up playing an acoustic set. We think both shows went well.

Any upcoming gigs/plans for the rest of the year?

Dirk and Ryan: Yes, we have some upcoming gigs scheduled, the ISD Memorial Show and the Hammerfest Show. If all goes well we will play as a full band as planned.

Is there anything else you would like to say before we wrap this up?

Dirk and Ryan: Thanks for the interview we had fun with it. Special thanks to Rick and Label56. To all our comrades and supporters, without you guys we would have not made it this far. To Darrin, a pair of good sticks will last longer then 20 pairs of cheap ones. Thanks once again/Activist.

Thanks guys. I hope for much success in the future.

activist 2

  1. Stacy Marie says:

    Great interview. Loved hearing the band play, can’t wait to hear some more from you all.

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