Katyn Memorial April 2013

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Activism
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72858_10200472574288333_1050167940_n On Saturday, April 20, 2013 over 50 people from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania gathered at the Katyn Massacre memorial in Jersey City, New Jersey to honor the 22,000 Polish victims executed by the Soviets in 1940.

The event was organized by R.N of the Autonomous Nationalist East Coast. Also in attendance were a large group from the Keystone State Skinheads, members of the NJ / E. PA Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and many individuals who came to pay respect to the victims of the Red Terror. This was the fourth year that that this event has been held at the monument.

As usual, the local antifa made noise about disrupting and shutting down the event. Not a single one showed up and the ceremony went off smoothly and without any incident. There was however a mobile police tower placed obnoxiously in front of the monument. It was nothing more than an eyesore.

From April to May 1940 an estimated 22,000 Polish prisoners were executed by the Soviets in various locations, with the Katyn Forest being area with the most executions. The victims consisted of over one half of the military officer corps including admirals, generals, and even a Prince. Also included were university professors, engineers, journalists, pilots, doctors, and just about every other professional or educated person the Bolsheviks could lay their hands on.

In 1943, the German Army discovered the mass graves of the brutally murdered Poles. They were so outraged at the inhumane treatment and execution of the prisoners that they brought in foreign nations and the International Red Cross to assess the situation. They even invited Allied observers.

Despite the atrocities being documented as being perpetrated by the Soviets in 1943, the age old saying the “History is written by the victors” came into play with the Katyn Forest Massacre when the Soviets attempted to rewrite history completely. The official statement from the Soviet Union was that the Germans perpetrated the massacre, and they even forced German officials, through torture, to admit to it.

The people of Poland knew the truth, however, and they never forgot. In 1990 the Polish government pressured the Russia to reveal the truth about Katyn to the world. In that year Boris Yeltsin provided the official documents showing that Josef Stalin himself signed off on the orders to carry out the massacre and apologized to the Polish people and the world on behalf of the former Soviet Union; thereby vindicating the German People.

The ceremony commenced with the offering of flowers by the attendees. Then speeches were given by the speakers. The first was by Erick Weigel, CofCC National Director. He spoke of the importance if national identity and the dangers of the current government regime since its the ideological and philosophical descendant of very same Bolsheviks that perpetrated the Katyn Massacre. The second speech was delivered by R.N of the Autonomous Nationalist East Coast. He spoke of the the atrocity itself and of the pride and anger of the Polish people as well as their commitment to never forgive or forget the crime against them.

At the conclusion of the speeches a moment of silence was held and candles were lit and left at the monument. Afterwards the crowd socialized and began to disperse to their various after-event festivities.

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