Omerta Terror Machine #28

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Activism, Uncategorized

Our Greek comrades from Omerta skinhead magazine have released their latest issue of Omerta Terror Machine, including an interview with a member of K.S.S. and much more!

There is a free downloadable PDF available in the MEDIA section..

Thank you, brothers! 


Here is the translated version of the interview:

Greetings comrades! Introduce us your organization!

We’re the Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United, we’re a Nationalist organization from Pennsylvania, United States. Our members come from different cities within this state. We’re one of the more hands-on activist groups, as we prefer to be on the streets.

As we heard your website has beaten from antifascist internet warriors before a few time. Could you tell us more info about that?

The reds in America are often times young, spoiled, suburban kids with no real desire to be face to face with us, or people of other groups, for the most part. So they would rather hide behind a keyboard and talk up a tough game. And with the internet being the best tool for propaganda and communication, they spread their hatred and lies about us as far as they can. They hate us probably more than any other organization because we’re out on the streets fighting for our cause, because no matter how many times they show up to oppose us (which isn’t as often as they would like) : we never stop.

Are you connected with other National Socialist organizations there in USA?

We have connections to a lot of different groups and organizations here; some social, and some we work side by side with to hold functions. The groups we are closest to are Blood and Honour: Altoona and Maryland Skinheads. They are great guys who we’ve been friends with for years, and have helped us tremendously with some of our concerts and promotions of our events.

How do you activate there? Organize some events or gigs in general?

We host a number of different events; Cook-outs, cultural events such as our Leif Erikson Day Celebration- which we do annually, and concerts, Meet and Greets- where people who contact us with interest in participating in our functions, joining, or even just meeting with us on a social level so that they can meet people who think and feel the way they do and know that they don’t have to feel scared or ashamed. We’ve held an annual concert [with the exception of the last 2 years] called Uprise, which is our biggest gig of the year. Also, we hold smaller concerts throughout the year, our latest one was Hostile City Invasion which took place in Philadelphia, and there are a few more in the works.

What is the current situation there with politics?

The main-stream politics in America are terrible. Corruption is more rampant than ever before, we see lies from politicians on every level on a constant basis. The American people are starting to finally speak up, but we all fear that it is too little too late. Among the people, the current situation is very wide-spread, everybody has a hard time backing one ideal and/or joining together for one cause, so we have different political organisations throwing opinions and ideas from every direction, causing splits in the populous. Everyone has the “perfect solutions” so people are all separated on their own. One thing that I cannot stress enough to comrades in Europe is that, we the people of America (White-Americans, TRUE AMERICANS) do not agree with what our Government, at home or abroad. There is no democratic vote, we have no say- please do not hate us for the wrong-doings of our politicians, we stand with you when it comes to seeing the truth behind the veil of the lies and deceit set forth by our government.

Cooperate with white brothers abroad?

We try to work with any comrades abroad when the opportunity presents itself. Friendships through visiting bands and individual members passing through usually present certain opportunities that may not have been available before. To be honest, we don’t have anybody that we are frequently dealing with, which is something we would love to change. As a group, we would love to be able to work with comrades from overseas.

The multiculturalism is a tragic reality there in USA for decades now. For us in Europe is a phenomenon of the last 2 decades in general the maximum. How could we all stand against that threat against our race?

As we have discovered, the best way to combat the influence and destruction of our people is give the people something to hold on to. By holding as many cultural-based events and celebrations as possible; the people will never be able to forget their roots, they won’t want to let go of who they are. When they are showed the damaging effects of allowing these immigrants into our lands, the growing count of people willing to fight back against the hordes will be astonishing.
In troubling times such as these, people think less nationally, and more locally. With everyone going through hardships they care less and less about whats going on in cities and towns across the country and only what is happening around them personally. Present their town/city’s problems to the people directly and more often than not, they will build outrage amongst themselves. Show/tell them a problem and how they themselves can fix it, that they don’t need to rely on someone else to work out their troubles, nor should they. Division among the masses is the greatest advantage to our enemies, by creating that division- they also establish the need for our people to depend on them.

How do you consider that will be the future of Europe the next years?

I think that Europe is going to go through turbulent troubles for a long time. It has been much easier for our [common] enemies to gain a foothold in Europe through Politically Correct policies and laws, due to western man’s desire to consistently be the ‘good-guy’ . Luckily for the European people, you have a blood-line that starts from the dawn of time and it will be easier for you to hold on to that; you have your own foods and customs, your own languages, etc. Unfortunately that is not true for America, as we came FROM Europe together and mixed from there- Irish, Swedes, Greeks, German, and so forth. We have yet to establish our own set customs for us to look to. It will be a long struggle, but you can never give up.

What news or messages you receive from eastern world or Greece?

We hear a lot of your economic turmoil in Greece, usually about the riots that ensue as a result of poor care from your government. I try to keep up with the Golden Dawn organization as well. We greatly envy you here for your efforts. We see how the troubles stemming from the European Union have also greatly effected you as well, it is often a topic of discussion amongs nationalists here.

Give us your new web address and any ways that could other comrades get in contact with you! Need to thank you for this interesting interview. The last words belong to you of course!

Our new web address is We have a forum which is easily accessible for anyone and everyone to reach us on. We also have a group email address which is
I would like to thank you for this opportunity to be able to speak with you and for this interview. It’s an honor for us to know that our brothers in Europe take interest in our group and the things we do. We look forward to working with you comrades, and hopefully will get the chance to meet with you face to face in the future. Keep your heads up high and let nothing stop you from achieving success for the survival for our people and lands, TOMORROW BELONGS TO US.

  1. zach says:

    i am intrested in moving back to PA i live in calgary alberta canada right now but even though our work here is no where colse too being complete it has crumbled so i ask how can i join a faction in pittsburgh

  2. Austing says:

    I live in grantville, born in a middle class family. I thought this web site was cool and inspired me alot.

  3. b says:

    Just what, exactly, is your heritage. Do you even know what the word means?
    I’m ‘white,’ and going bald. Does this mean I should join your bitch fest?
    Oh, nevermind. I don’t feel threatend all the time.
    Terrorist wannabees.

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