Keystone United and NJ/E.PA C of CC honor Officer Daniel Faulkner

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This past Friday, December 9th, 2011, marked the 30th anniversary of the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner by former Black Panther Wesley Cook aka Mumia Abu-Jamal. The Black Panthers were a black- only militant and often violent radical left-wing organization.

A memorial mass was held in honor of Daniel Faulkner at the Saint Barnabas Church in Philadelphia at 11:00am. This event was attended by hundreds of family, friends, Philadelphia Police Officers, and supporters of Daniel’s wife Maureen including several members of the NJ / E. PA Chapter of the CofCC along with the activists of Keystone United.

The usual prayers and hymns of the mass were separated by short speeches given in honor of the sacrifices of Daniel Faulkner and his wife Maureen for the greater good of the people of Philadelphia. The general theme was that of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Motto: Honor – Service – Integrity.

But it was not just the Honor, Service, and Integrity of Daniel Faulkner that was being honored; it was that of his wife Maureen as well. Maureen has honorably kept alive the memory of her husband Daniel despite all the best efforts and the enormous amounts of cash spent by of the left-wing radicals and their pet Hollywood celebrities to push aside his memory in favor of the fabrication of injustice for some perverse political end surrounding the conviction of his cold-blooded killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Her perseverance in keeping alive the memory of her husband’s sacrifice and the political posturing around the case has been a tremendous public service. Daniel Faulkner has become a symbol for the families of fallen officers, as well as the entire nation, to rally around when struggling to see that justice prevails. This case has put a spotlight on the entire System with regards to the corrosive influence of the radical left and on our justice system as well as in academia and the media. Without the courageous efforts of Maureen Faulkner, the memory of Daniel would have faded from the public eye and a radical left wing, white-hating murderer would very likely be free today.

And Maureen has done it all with integrity. Despite the unimaginable emotional pain she must experience, she has always been able take the high road and maintain integrity and class when dealing with the unrelenting attempts to thwart justice for Daniel and his family.

The men and women of the NJ / E. PA Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens and Keystone United  are proud to support Maureen and her efforts. It was an honor to attended the memorial for the fallen hero, Daniel Faulkner. The memorial was somber and peaceful, as it should have been. It was a celebration of the life as well as the sacrifice of the son, brother, and husband that was Daniel Faulkner.

But, on the other side of the city several hours later there was a rally held at the Constitution Center in support of the white-hating murder Mumia Abu-Jamal. They were there to not only ‘remember’ the day that Abu-Jamal was arrested, but to celebrate the decision by Attorney General Seth Williams to not seek the reinstatement of the Death Penalty for Abu-Jamal, which had been vacated by a decision by the US Supreme Court and commuted to life imprisonment without a chance for parole.

As could have been expected, the sparing of Mumia’s life is not good enough for his rabble of anti-American radicals. They are demanding that he actually be released, and that his sentence and incarceration has been cruel and unusual and therefore unconstitutional, pointing out perceived racial ‘injustices’ as a preliminary basis (ie he’s black and his victim was White). This utterly insane mentality and belief system apparently is actually beginning to gain traction since there was approximately 1000 attendees at the Constitution Center rallying for the convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

But they were not alone. There were over two-hundred counter-protestors that oppose Mumia Abu-Jamal and the appeals of his radical comrades to free him. Members and supporters of the NJ / E. PA Chapter of the CofCC and KU  were among them and the one hundred or so motorcycle enthusiasts that were circling the venue in protest.

One thing has become clear: The murder of Daniel Faulkner and the continuing efforts of his radical anti-American and anti-White supporters has become a focal point of conflict in the nation. Both sides rally around the event in order to use the symbolism of the tragedy to exemplify the points of their positions. This case continues to be present in the public mind year after year and shows no sign of going away anytime soon as more and more people become aware of the manipulation of the case by corrosive and evil forces to subvert our justice system and the nation it protects.

Watch the news clip from the protest here-

Please show your support for Maureen Faulkner by visiting the JUSTICE FOR DANIEL FAULKNER website:

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