The South Africa Project

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Activism
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“The South Africa Project is a coalition of concerned citizens who take issue over the total media blackout, as well as the lack of attention and intervention from the world super powers, concerning the MURDER, the TORTURE and the GENOCIDE of the White South African. These vicious, unjust and barbaric ATROCITIES must stop now.”

“Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully set in motion a domino affect, that if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites in South Africa and around the world.

We know, by looking at the political climate in the Americas and the European nations, that if the GENOCIDE of our Race is permitted to continue in South Africa, then it will only be a matter of time before it reaches European and American shores on the same scale.

As was previously stated, the South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White South African. They must learn that we mean business and that we will not be dissuaded from this issue, or our task.”

For more info on on the South Africa Project and how to get involved, visit

  1. Don Palmer says:

    hello, i just read this and it is great! I volunteered to do the march on Feb 27th 2011 at Harrisburg, pa. I think this will be great to inform the public on the White genocide, and to get the money blind politicians in Pa, and the whole country to see that we will not sit and watch our people die. Some day this too may happen here in our country?
    I would love to work with experience Men and Women to make this a big event in our state.
    I am from Pittsburgh. when we all join together, we can make anything happen!
    Please contact me at the email below, i will respond to you
    Thank You all

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