5th Annual Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every year since 2007 we have held an event to celebrate our heritage, the accomplishments of our ancestors, and the founding of this great land that we call our home.  Nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus set foot in The West Indies, Leif Erikson had established a settlement, which he called Vinland.  Growing up, most people are taught that Christopher Columbus was the first European to come to America, but we know this to be untrue.  In 2007, and every year since then we have gathered in Fairmount Park to celebrate this great accomplishment.  We march down to the statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni located on Kelly Drive with flags from the countries that our ancestors, and the historical figures who helped shape our nation came from.  We gather around the statue and talk about what our people have done for this country, and acknowledge the great things our ancestors have done.  This year was no different.
Our flags were waving proudly in the air on the windy, sunny day of October 15, 2011 as we made our way down to the statue of the Scandinavian leader of an early colonizing expedition to North America.  At the statue we were met with some opposition, led by Daryle Lamont Jenkins who opposed our event in 2009 as well.  This event is purely a heritage celebration, nothing to be opposed.  We carried on with our event, ignoring the chants against us.  Felix Bauriedle, the event organizer, addressed the group of people there to celebrate.
Once we felt that our celebration was coming to a close we made our way back up the hill, with thanks from Police Officers for keeping the peace, as we have done every year this event has been held.  Upon leaving, the Reds followed behind us, and surrounded an innocent bystander who was curious about what was going on.  They began to push him into on coming traffic, and the man started towards the police to make a complaint.  The Reds began to yell at him, telling him that if he was not with them, they would treat him as if he were one of us.  Completely confused about the situation, the guy stated that the Keystone United group were being much nicer to him than they [The Marxist protestors] were. After it was suggested by members of Keystone United that he stand behind them so that there were no chance of getting harmed, the innocent bystander said, “Thank you,” and began to talk with an officer about his encounter with the so-called “Anti-Fascists”.  After another short shouting match,  Keystone United and supporters decided to leave and carry on with post-event festivities.
Despite any nonsensical opposition, we will continue to celebrate our heritage and display pride in the accomplishments of our people.  Regardless of what any of the Reds have said, this will continue to be an annual event, and we hope to see many new faces next year.

  1. Sara says:

    Yup, that sounds like antifa to me. Gotta love those guys – beating the “tolerance” and acceptance into people since ’88!

  2. phillyjoe says:

    Great job

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