Felix’s Interview with 28 Croatia

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

(click image to be taken to 28 Croatia website)

1. For start tell us when and where KSS are formed?

KSS was formed in the Pennsylvania Capital city of Harrisburg in 2001

2. What are goals of KSS?

We want to change the public understanding of not only pro-white skinheads,but of the nationalistic few in general. By our own fault, we’ve allowed ourselves to be deemed nothing but drunken hooligans and misfits that do nothing but cause chaos and havoc in our communities. We want to show the public that we’re not outsiders; but that we ARE members of the community, that we ARE part of the same population that makes up our small towns and big cities. By being able to unite not only the worth while white-racialists in Pennsylvania, but the public itself, we can provide a source of example in pride for their heritage, their family, their neighborhoods, and so forth.We’ve discovered that the best way for us here in America to achieve positive progress is to start with the small portion of an area and work our way up, with the assistance of the citizens. We’ve come to realize through trial and error and viewing past mistakes that the best possibility to achieve victory is with winning the favor of the people-after that, anything is possible. We want to inspire the people to take back what it is that their European ancestors fought for, what they built. America was supposed to be a second-model of Europe, but without the bad things those that left their native lands, for whatever reason, wanted to leave behind and begin with a fresh start.

3. Which are your activities?

We do just about everything from handing out fliers, to organized protests in the streets, to Barbecues and gigs. We encourage people to get involved with their local town meetings to voice their opinions. Every year we hold a family-friendly celebration for Leif Erikson, the Nordic explorer who found North America over 400 years before Cristopher Columbus, at a statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni who was the first recorded European born on American soil, where we have not only members of Keystone United, but activists from other groups and organizations as well, give speeches about the exploration and discovery by Leif and his party, and to give inspirational readings to the participants about our struggle and why it is so important to continue the fight and to go about it an the most intelligent way possible.

 4. You are coming from Pennsylvania, can you describe us scene over there?

The scene in Pennsylvania right now seemed to slow down, too many people here are more looking to be the typical gang-member skinhead, rather than the smart, militant, patriotic, white-nationalist. We never bash any other group for what they do, but we prefer to do most of our work by ourselves, unless those willing participants from other organizations adhere to our rules. Pennsylvania has so much potential that it’s nearly impossible to find everybody with interest of participating. In not only this state, but the rest of America, so many people are afraid to be labeled a racist, nazi, etc. so they never come around, and some people make the effort to come and hang out and join in on our activities; both social and activism, and will end up doing so much good for the overall cause but aren’t willing to go any further than just simply helping, which is completely fine.

5. Few years ago we watch on youtube appearance from one of your members in some talk show and he was great,made great answers, all the oposite than the usual stereotype about skinheads, how was the public response about that appearance? You made any more appearances like that?

The public’s response was pretty split. Some people saw us in a new light, and began to understand what we’re really about. The others continued to only believe what they want, which is what the mass-media and government tells them to believe- that we’re nothing more than coniving, evil, lying, racists bent on hatred and destruction of anyone not like us. But for the smarter half, we still get a lot of postive feedback and well-wishes.

6. You changed your name from Keystone state skinhead to Keystone United, right? Why?

The name change came after we realized that the name word skinhead gives off negative thoughts to people, and you’re only going to limit yourself to a particular subculture and type of crowd. In order to gain public favor, and draw a larger support base, and to attract a wider variety of people-the name went from Keystone State Skinheads to Keystone United. While we still use the name KSS, Keystone United is what the group is about; the serious, on-the-streets dedication. So it’s like having 2 groups under 1 wing, KSS is more the social aspect, while Keystone United is the more political-activist part of the group. We kinda decided to take a page from the many nationalist groups in Europe and develop the almost autonomous look to a point, not all of our supporters are skinheads, and not all skinheads support us- so therefore a larger base of people can feel more accepted to participate with our activities.

7. You cooperate with other groups and crews in your state and other states?

It all really depends on what the function is, that we decide on who we work with. Mostly it’s social functions where we combine our efforts with another crew. The political events are mostly done on our own, that doesn’t always mean we don’t have help from individuals from other crews and organizations, but the majority of the grindwork rests on our shoulders. In my personal opinion, I find it to be too hard to work with others for the most part; they’ve got their way of doing things, and so do we. What may be good for one, is bad for another. There are far too many people/crews/organizations out there that will only hold you back or have, atleast one person, somebody who does something or says something that gives you a negative response because of their senseless actions. It’s all about accountabilty, not just here in Pennsylvania or the U.S. in general, but in Europe as well. The same goes for all political groups. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

8. Do you have any bands that play unde KSS flag?

At the moment we don’t currently have any KSS-based bands. We have bands that we very close friends with, and are always willing to play our events. For instance Empire Falls and WotanOrden. These guys have always been very great to us; very reliable, always put on a good show, they never disappoint. We have had bands where some of the band were members of KSS as well, such as Teardown. But things happen- bands break up, a job oppurtunity comes along that takes you far away, etc. But we never favor, or reject any bands simply because they are from a different crew.

9. Pennsylvania has big croatian comunity (especially Pittsburgh, 200 000 people with croatian heritage), you have any members who are of croatian background? What is US public oppinion about croatian comunity? Any stereotypes?

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea if he we have any with Croatian heritage lol. I know we have some with other Eastern Europe, but I don’t know about Croatian specifically. We try to get guys to focus more on the fact that they’re Americans, not that we want them to forget their ancestral roots or anything like that, but we want them to understand that this is their country and that where ever their family comes from- guys like 28 Croatia have it in good hands.

10. USA is going thru worst economic crises after 1920`s, like the rest of world, how serious is the situation?

The economic situation here is awful. It may not be as bad as some other nations at the moment, like Greece is in right now, but still very bad. All of our jobs are being shipped overseas to places like China, India, Southeast Asia, to name a few. America no longer produces very much of anything so factories that basically supported who towns and cities, like here in Philadelphia have all been long gone, putting the white working-class and even some middle class, out of work. With the severe welfare enrollment we have, mostly all non-whites, we have what is called “Section 8 housing”. What that does is take human trash that’s selling drugs, has X amount of kids, has no job, bringing in violence and so forth from the black and hispanic neighborhoods and places them into decent, white areas at no cost to them. So the hard-working, American tax payer often has to choose between keeping a roof over his family, or putting food on the table for the night. The American dream went from being ‘a Buick in every driveway, a white-picket fence with 2 kids’ to ‘a stable, fair-paying job, and enough money to afford to make the rent or mortgage, and a hot meal’.

11. USA is much hated around the world because of their politics and invasions on other countries, what are your views on US foreign policy?

The foreign policy of America is an absolute smack in the face to Americans. The last numbers I read were that we give Israel alone over $3 Billion dollars in Military aid and economic aid alone! That’s not including the hundreds of billions that they get from other federal funds from the U.S., and the other countries that get billions from us as well; So while they’re out killing innocent Palestinians and forcefully stealing their homeland from them, while bad mouthing and attacking us in their spare time- Americans are losing their houses, jobs, going hungry in the streets with whole families. What we feel, as a group, is that our government needs to take an America-first, isolationist policy until we get back on our own feet before we worry about anyone else. We have no business getting involved in other nations affairs, nor should they ask for it. If there’s anything we want our brothers and sisters in mother Europe to understand, is that the fault lies on our government, not the American people (European descent). We understand that we have a supposed democratic election process, but it’s a sham; ‘elections’ are won by the politicians with the fattest wallets, and not the largest amount of public votes and support. We feel the same way about our government as the rest of the world.

12. Your country has big problems with immigrants, especialy from Mexico, not mentioning just huge economical losses that they produce for US economy but there are some estimates that by 2050 whites would be minority in USA, but in America even illegal immigrants have certain rights and gouvernment don`t make really much effort to stop their influx, what do you think why is that?

The illegal immigration problem is out of control here. Not only do they have the same rights, they have MORE rights. Our people have been cast aside as second-class citizens to make way for this cheap, unchecked-capitalistic dream world, where all the laborers work for next to nothing, they don’t want benefits of any kind, and there’s lots of them! The business owners and farmers and politicians allow these invaders to enter our country and take all the jobs because it allows them to make a greater profit to be able to pay off one another, when you have liberals, and Marxist-leftovers from the 1960’s as your politicians, you get their doctrines and decrees pushing you aside in the name of the “labor struggle”. When the politics make laws enabling the migrants to work and stay here, the farmer and businessman are happy- so they say nothing about paying the taxes on profits made, because there’s more where it came from to them.

13. We come to end of this interview, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions and to introduce your group to us, for end can you tell us what are your goals for the future?

You’re very welcome, thank you for taking the interest in us. Glad to make new friends across the pond haha. For the future we plan to hopefully branch out into more community-based activities, where the public can get more involved. We would also like to establish White-American programs; like college funds for white Americans, self-defense training, activist-programs, etc. We also plan to improve on organizational skills, and build upon our current success and keep pressing forward. There is always room for improvement and prosperity. Tomorrow belongs to us- we plan on taking it!

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